Some facts from ex naval and industry personnel, concerned medical professionals, and observers in places it is already installed.

It adds military grade microwave weapons technology to the existing 4G  wireless wavelengths.

Microwave shocks are used by militaries for crowd control (burns skin and eyes)


Marked increase in Alzheimers, Dementia and Brain tumours:  Thyroid, throat and breast cancers.  Suspected in prostate and ovarian cancers.

Rise in Autism and in mental health problems:

More suicides in young men: more self harm in young women.

Now we have  short microwave 5G technology, which requires thousands of small antennae, at frequent intervals. It doesnt work well through foliage, hence the enormous programme to cull our urban mature trees. Already started without consultation throughout UK. Look up Sheffield and Gateshead Councils, also Worcester, and check out the Brighton research centre. Alert your neighbours and check your town’s trees. Ask your council and MP for assurances.


Antennae on many lampposts, ( the harmful effects are increased in combination with LED lights ) outside the kids’ bedroom, on street corners, walls of pubs,  offices, in sports grounds, in schools ( it affects childrens’ small brains more than adults ) everywhere, including smaller versions right inside your home, in every smart TV and appliance.

Low levels of Electro magnetic frequencies are cumulatively harmful, ( from the electric circuitry surrounding every room in your house ) and in combination with existing wi fi have caused the damage to health described above.

Now, with 5G, microwave technology is damaging DNA in humans and animals more rapidly.

Expected are more cancers, more mental problems, less brain power: More stillbirths and damaged foetuses ( already observed in Gateshead UK)

In a couple of generations this will result in DNA damaged beyond repair.  Birds and insects have already gone from some places.

And that’s before we consider the potential for surveillance: of every person: in home, school or work place (these antennae both transmit and receive)

LOOK UP THE FACTS  for yourself  and LISTEN to some experts in short wave military weapons and electronics technology.

Sources you can trust  (experience, technical expertise, thorough research, reputation) are Barrie Trower UK and Mark Steele UK. and  and


There are millions at stake: of up front profit for the communications industry: in the ‘ health’ industry, and tragically in millions of lives lost, shortened or made miserable from mental and physical disability.

So to stop it will need thousands of ordinary people to kick up a fuss: teachers, nurses, doctors, and every other concerned adult, especially parents.

Note, the technology is not easy to grasp: many installation engineers dont understand it, so it’s unwise to rely on the chap up the lamppost. Go to the e


There is not much time, and there is on the one hand a well orchestrated push from the industry, which has deep pockets and persuasive PR.  On the other hand much of the public doesn’t see the harm and may be persuaded by talk of better connectivity, gadgets like remote control of the heating system, safer driverless cars, etc. More in the future than the present, and marginal in benefits.

Some young people are showing a healthy scepticism however, so we need to help them with information  and support.

There are simple blocking devices which can protect from wi fi and all EMFs.  A slipcase  for the mobile, advice never to use it close to the head, always on speaker, and switch to flight mode as often as possible even when its in its case. A similar case for tablets and advice not to use them resting on the body.

Confine all computers and the router to one room, and limit their use.  Switch off the circuitry at night to protect the household from all EMFs .

At least banish all devices from bedrooms, including digital alarms, wireless baby monitors and cordless phones and never sleep with them near your head.

It is comparatively simple to hardwire everything in the house, including plug ins for laptops and tablets.  Ditch the cordless phones and reinstate landlines. This leaves the mobile phone as the main problem, and it’s best kept switched off in a protective slipcase. It soon becomes a habit to check it frequently instead of relying on the ringtone. In any event make sure the mobile isn’t kept in a pocket (near prostate, kidneys or ovaries) or used pressed to the head. Text or email instead if you can, and gradually get your contacts to use your landline as much as possible. In any event you can always call back from the landline.

This poses problems for people who work “on the road” but it’s worth adopting as much as possible, and finding work-arounds will become easier as people get clued up. At least we can make the home safer especially for the kids.

Increasingly people are protecting the house from the neighbourhood signals by painting bedrooms ( where your brain recovers in sleep) and office with special paint.