Winter Solstice 2018






Wintertime invites you to sow seeds of light each day with the magical rays of the rainbow.  Colour is light and life.  Colours speak to us and influence us physically, emotionally, mentally, environmentally and spiritually via their individual vibrational energies.  The power of colour is immense.  Each has its own lifeforce and potencyWhen you arise to face a new day, pause and ask your higher self which colour you need to be at your side today.  Let the colour come to you, as the spirit of colour and your energy centres know what you need at any given time.  See it as a seed of coloured light that grows and tenderly fills your being.  Welcome your colour, flow through the day together, then give thanks.  Daily connection with these colourful friends brings an aliveness and freshness in the ways of seeing/feeling/hearing/experiencing things.

RED symbolises the colour of life itself.  Red encourages enthusiasm, strength, courage and drive.  This colour is intimately connected with our passions, motivations and desires.  It is out-spoken, active and gregarious. Full of vigour, red is a powerful colour and will recharge one’s batteries or top up energy reserves when an extra boost is needed.  Red is lively!  Avoid too much red if feeling angry, when inflamed, feverish or if blood pressure is raised.

ORANGE is dynamic and full of energy and optimism.  Orange dances with self-confidence and positivity.  It is mentally stimulating, encouraging creativity, independence, originality, adaptability and the wish to succeed.  Orange conveys that zest for life, being revitalising and rejuvenating.  It gives sustenance and stamina.  Orange offers warmth and friendship.

YELLOW – an invitation to celebrate life if ever there was one!  Yellow’s luminosity and brightness encourage mental alertness.  This mental tonic improves concentration and powers of visualisation, thereby is a most useful ally in creative decision-making.  Yellow, being full of cheer, awakens a sunnier disposition and contentment in life.  Let yellow light up your day.

GREEN – Nature’s colour and a natural tonic.  Green, dwelling at the centre of the spectrum, is a balancing and harmonising colour.  Because of this, it soothes and acts as a restorative.  Its healthful energy brings equilibrium and pacifies a restless spirit, stabilises one in times of important decisions, settles jangled nerves and eases irritation.  Green’s vibrations are emotionally refreshing yet restful, and give one space to simply ‘be’.

BLUE, loved by so many, cools and calms.  It gives a feeling of assurance, poise and integrity.  Blue can enable one to regain composure after a distressing or challenging time.  It encourages thoughtful communication and truthfulness.  Blue’s energy imparts sincerity, loyalty and caring.  In its company sensitivity and intuition will be heightened.  Blue is a peaceful and honourable partner and supporter.

INDIGO, colour of the midnight sky, is full of mystery and magic.  It encourages spirituality and is a useful companion in meditation, inviting one’s inner vision to open up to new ways of seeing, clarity of perception, self-knowledge and self-development.  Indigo guides one to be true to oneself.  It is a protective colour too.  Indigo inspires, relaxes and promotes restful and nourishing sleep.

VIOLET is linked to spiritual energy.  It encourages dignity and grace; that one is the best one can be; that decisions are made for the highest good; that one walks in peace, forgiveness and fellowship.  Violet is divine and unique.  It offers a sanctuary for the weary soul and is soothing to the whole being.  Violet enables one to understand and honour one’s authentic and wise self.