Kidney Cleansing is Important

A hot July is a great time to do a kidney/bladder cleanse if you haven’t already done one but so is the rest of the summer until the chills of October creep in. The kidneys do not like the cold or being weakened by it, so colder weather is never the ideal time for these sensitive organs. The kidneys will always need a detox and nurturing makeover and like the bowel, the kidneys are one of the two main exit points for toxins gathered by the liver and transported through the bloodstream. But if the kidneys micro-filtration system is sluggish and overloaded themselves then all the hard work carried out in the body will be thwarted.  This means the gathered toxins can potentially re-circulate or cause infection and local inflammation etc.

Kidney and Bladder Care

It goes without saying that drinking enough water day in and day out is vital and not doing so is often the fore-runner to kidney and bladder issues but never more so in a hot ‘sweaty’ summer. So for those considering doing a kidney cleanse it comes with a warning as well, be sure to hydrate your body well before you start; try for 6-8 glasses a day and rehearse this well before you get going with the actual cleanse.

The Kidneys are Rather Refined and Must be Helped

Our kidneys filter liquid waste out of the blood and produce urine so the kidney cleanse is simple and aims to help the kidneys flush more efficiently and easily and keep the bladder healthier. (You will notice that your pee smells fresher for instance). Most issues of kidney detoxing surround filtering issues; if your bloodstream has a heavy load of waste material in it, this gives your kidneys a lot of work. If we don’t drink enough day in day out we never get to ritually ‘flush’ away daily debris and the filtering system can fall behind, with mineral gravel, acid crystals and more building up. In turn, this sediment will make them sluggish. The plants used by herbalists to ‘flush’ simply aim to gently break down the sediment, provoke better kidney and bladder function and gently alkalise. Just urinating more can flush out low-grade infection and prevent bacterial infection, all of which as we age, can factor into our systems or those prone to sluggish function.

Food to eat during the cleanse or to Improve Kidney Health

So the food smoothies and drinks to focus on during the kidney and bladder cleanse (15 or 28 day) must be alkalising, e.g. vegetables, fruit, sprouted, seeds etc; avoid sugar,  heavy meats and so on as these are acidic.

  • Lemon juice and water-this alkalising drink will really help clear and clean the bladder, urethra etc.
  • Garlic is helpful with those prone to urinary tract infections and will improve general immunity and be combative to microbes.
  • Barley and barley water. The barley water is part of the cleanse and the recipe for it is within the instructions but eating barley grain itself is a great idea and has been a traditional staple to help the kidneys for a long time, however it does contain gluten so for those who need to avoid gluten this is not something you will pursue. Otherwise, it is delicious either hot or cold and can easily be put into savoury or sweet dishes, or added to soups or stews etc.
  • Make fresh or buy fruit and vegetable juices which will crucially keep flushing out the kidneys. You can always add in a few juniper berries and celery seeds. Also drink Dr Schulze Superfood Plus daily, as all the 14 plants in it are detoxifying to the kidneys. (Ask for samples 01379 608201).
  •  Go for the ‘bitter’ flavours which will cool the system and help you digest your other food better and keep your system lighter. The list can include olives, watercress, lemons, endive, artichoke, radish and any handpicked dandelion leaves you can find. Turmeric is also a good choice either freshly grated into salads or added to smoothies as dried powder. Alternatively, try a teaspoon of our bitter formula called ‘Lemon and Artichoke concentrate’ just before a meal.
  • To hydrate and cool gravitate towards melons, cucumber etc. Other choices can include coconut water, also rich in electrolytes.
  • Ginger is a great choice in any drink form or food. You can make your own in a Nutri-bullet or blender. Ginger is ‘thermo-regulatory’ plant which will cool us in the heat and indeed warm us in the cold.

Try This:-


Thumb-sized ginger root (Rhizome)
250mls spring water
250mls apple juice
Dilute further or drink as it is……delicious.

Foods to Avoid During the Cleanse-if you can

  • All wheat (instead use the other grains like quinoa, millet, buckwheat, and amaranth etc).
  • If having bread, try rye bread (low gluten) instead or totally ‘gluten-free’ versions.
  • Dairy-milk and cheese.
  • Tea, coffee, alcohol, fizzy drinks, caffeine drinks (e.g. red bull).
  • Fatty and fried foods.
  • Heavy foods.
  • Refined sugars e.g. cakes/sweets.
  • Heavy, fatty meats or indeed most meat.