About Living Foods

We provide online educational videos and individual consultations. We also maintain an archive of expert articles on health, growing your own food and Living Foods recipes.


What is the ‘Living Foods’ way?

The ‘Living Foods’ way is the ultimate long-term natural lifestyle for glowing radiant health.


What Living Foods can do for you

A step beyond just raw. The balanced Living Foods Programme takes you to a deeper level of raw food detoxing and re-building healthy tissue with superb Live Foods Nutrition, without leaving you strung out and hyperactive.

Simple easy to digest meals mean the body has a chance to work towards self healing and rejuvenation. A systematic and scientifically balanced way of eating providing all the required nutrients means that you can safely transition to Living Foods.

As you begin to re-nourish, cleanse and re-hydrate your body at a cellular level you may notice numerous benefits:

  • Increased energy and vitality
  • Feeling more grounded and emotionally balanced
  • Mental clarity
  • Brighter eyes, glowing skin
  • Improved skin and muscle tone
  • Inner cleanliness
  • Supple joints and flexible muscles
  • General sense of balanced well being


How does it do that?

Living Foods are chlorophyll-rich and enzyme-rich. Living Foods are the most nutrition packed of raw foods from the plant kingdom. They are sprouted seeds, juices of all kinds, fruit, vegetables, herbs and salad leaves, simple ferments, and specially grown year-round indoor salads of baby sunflowers and buckwheat lettuce. And of course wheatgrass juice.

These enzyme packed raw foods take the burden off an overloaded system and allow it to recover. Our daily live food menus are high in chlorophyll. While you are enjoying your alkalinising fresh juices and imaginative dishes made from all live, raw, organic produce this acts in two ways.

Chlorophyll’s special action on the blood detoxes and rejuvenates at the same time. This is the most gentle and thorough way to encourage and support natural healing.

Our ever changing nutritious Living Foods menus also include savoury dehydrated crackers and cookies, and tasty raw soups. We make blends and smoothies using sprouted seeds, nuts, and veggies in ways you never imagined.

The complete Living Foods way of raw nutrition gives an excellent acid alkaline balance and bio available protein in a safe and simple way. At the same time our raw food lifestyle avoids the toxic results of eating chemicalized and processed foods.


Who can benefit from a Living Foods lifestyle?

Everyone who…

  • Needs more energy.
  • Has low resistance to infection.
  • Wants to experience the radical effect of the Living Foods Programme on both long term health and day-to-day energy.
  • Has tried short term detox and weight normalisation and would like to achieve these long term.

Living Foods is a safe and natural way back to health and vitality. For anyone needing individual advice please arrange a consultation with Elaine Bruce.