What They Say

I just felt compelled to let you know how good I think your website and regular communications are looking. Its really working, looks, good, is easy to use and is full of interesting information and articles.

Matt Adams

‘This course is amazing! Every day is packed. I gained a lot more than I expected to learn’


‘It has helped me to discuss things and built my confidence’


‘The course was excellent; I’ve gained a lot about growing Living Foods as well as all the background information’

C.C. 2014

‘It was so good to gain clarity on the benefits of Living Foods while experiencing them’


‘It has given me a very good knowledge of Living Foods and how I can implement all this for my family and others’


‘Very helpful to understand the balance between proper nutrition and lifestyle habits to enhance health and wellbeing’


‘I have much more knowledge about the Living Foods Programme and I’m looking forward to passing it onto other people’


‘THANK YOU ENORMOUSLY for such an enlightening and interesting blend of learning and doing.’


‘This course Elaine offered us has been the best money we ever spent. Truly worth every penny! The energy and dedication of this amazing super lady is powerful inspiration indeed’

Roland and Simonetta Herrara

‘It has shown me how to prepare for a complete change of lifestyle and shown me the way to a long healthy life’ Cliff Jewel

‘Until I experienced it I would not have believed how much more cleansing and strengthening Week Two would be. I lost weight, gained muscle tone and energy and kept up my daily running and training schedule throughout the full two weeks.’

Elaine Johnson

‘I have found this a magical life-changing week. I feel inspired by what I have learned. I particularly appreciate Elaine’s wonderfully positive and engaging approach and home which have facilitated a nurturing, happy and loving atmosphere.’

Billie Ibidun

‘Thank you for the course, and for so much wisdom and generosity in what you offered.

Ros Draper

Content of course excellent; very informative and encouraging.’

Steve Minchington

‘House and kitchen immaculately clean. Beautiful presentation of meals, very well organised.’

Jean Bailey

‘I’m just surprised that I felt satisfied with the raw food, and not at all hungry.’

Vera Grundy

‘I have learned so much and enjoyed your beautiful garden.’

Mavis O

‘I now think this was the best investment I have ever made in my health. My health and well being were dramatically improved during the course, but more importantly, the knowledge gained has empowered me to take total responsibility for my own health. Since this course in 1998 I have changed my career to Natural Healing and am now able to share this important knowledge with others. This was an extremely well organised and planned course, with a highly competent and thorough teacher. I cannot recommend it more highly.’

Sandra Hillawi

‘I thank you from the bottom of my heart that you chose to run your courses.’

Julie Roberts

‘A big thank you for providing a brilliant week of friendship, knowledge, caring, sharing trust and enlightenment.’

John Hall

‘I would recommend the Living Foods Programme to any person looking to improve their health or recover from a chronic illness. Elaine’s advice has been invaluable.’

Robert Barnes

Introduction to Living Foods at the Revital Centre.

“A wonderful day, inspiring and practical; I enjoyed every minute; thanks for such a great day; tools for life, thank you; wonderfully inspiring; a very positive experience; extremely useful; made the subject come alive; encouraging, informative, inspiring, confirming” members of the group.