Potassium Broth This was used frequently by Dr Bernard Jensen and still is by many herbalists and naturopaths to counteract acidity in their patients.  Remember toxicity and disease do not occur unless the system is acid, which is why the Living Foods Programme places much emphasis on choosing the daily foods to balance the acid forming and alkalinising foods.

Scrub and peel a lot of organic potatoes, making the peels very thick. Throw away the centre of the potatoes, the worms in the compost bin will use them.  Scrub and chop roughly two or three large organic carrots.  Wash several stalks of celery, the greener the better.  Chop a couple of onions if you wish and also add as many garlic cloves as you like.  A big strip of kombu seaweed adds to the mineral content. Add a large bunch of parsley.  Place in a very large pan and cover with about four times the volume of water.  Simmer very gently until the vegetables are tender.  You can eat a few of these if you wish, but discard most of them, (the worms again) as the important part is the broth.  Have some warm while it is fresh, keep some warm for a few hours in a flask, then bottle the rest in glass jars and keep it in the fridge.  It will keep for two, even three days.  Do not reheat it.