Introducing myself to Elaine’s website as a somewhat unique, near-totally raw practitioner of Nutritional and Functional Medicine and running an extremely busy West Midland’s based practice for many years.

Unfortunately diagnosed with a rare genetically-influenced osteosarcoma cancer in 1984 – I’ve suffered four heart attacks a mini-stroke (side-effect of osteosarcoma) and lost one and a half kidneys to this cancer – plus a major drop in my powerlifting totals since 1994, when I gained World status in this sport. Due to this genetic condition, I have avoided any form of conventional medication and have obviously benefited from this – even my privately consulted oncologist tells me so!! I have followed an organic plant-based protocol for forty years. Meeting up with Elaine SO many years ago pushed me into a living food protocol meaning I virtually stopped all cooked food! Wow! – An enormous shift in my health perspective: Energy levels soared through the roof – despite whatever the cancer threw at me! Currently, so many of my patients derive such enormous benefits from this amazing protocol and are totally astounded at the array of foods I always produce at my Living Food Days. Everyone who attends is provided with a complete pack exhorting reasons why this food-preparatory methods works to improve immune function, recipes etc. I always keep in touch with my patients and I find that once someone has attended a Living Food Day, they really do embrace this fantastic food-preparation method and, even more importantly, maintain their health at a much higher level. What could be better than this?!
I am a past-master at ‘listening to my body’ – anyone following a ‘living-food-protocol’ also becomes very aware of this – hence I have the ability to know ‘what to do next’ at any given time.

Presently, I am but a few days away from hopefully pulling off a World Power-lifting title in Ireland later this week, despite I’m currently battling with two large liver tumours, which, presently are relegated to non-malignant hemangiomas. Training has been really tough for this event, but I am truly looking forward to this one!.

I hope my forthcoming book will be of enormous help to anyone suffering with cancer – and for their carers. This disease – however contracted – CAN BE OVERCOME – Via natural methods, living foods and appropriate nutritional medicine!

I remain forever intrigued as to why I am still here to tell the tale! My instinct informs me that there is yet more work for me to fulfil on this amazing planet! I am consistently happy to devote whatever time remains to me here to assist my patients achieve their health objectives.

Last year (2005), I personally achieved something everyone – both orthodox and alternative medical practitioners alike – said I would NOT achieve – my 60th birthday, which was fantastic! Currently I am expecting to pull off a World title in but a few days time, exactly upon my 61st birthday!!!! Conceive, Believe and Achieve!!!!!

Pat Reeves.
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Pat Reeves, Practitioner of Nutritional and Functional Medicine.

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