April Colour  - Lime Green

The Vernal Equinox in March saluted the beginning of Spring.  Now in April, everywhere are vibrant green, young shoots, leaves and buds full of focussed energy and promise.  They speak of vigour, rapid growth, get-up-and-go and positivity. Nature’s lime green conveys fertility, light, confidence and honesty.  It is an outward looking colour full of freshness, humour and zing!

Lime Green, together with similar shades and tints of this youthful spring green, exude effervescence, originality and living life to the full.  It is composed of a bright, clear green with a touch of yellow.  With it come optimism and clarity.  It says we need to be prepared to accept change when it is needed.  It is a colour that invites openness towards fresh beginnings and that this can be approached with a sense of purpose, innovation and adventure.  This brings to mind an old Irish saying: A good beginning is half the work.  Lime green revives and rejuvenates.

Lovers of lime green and similar greens are independent beings, keen to learn, grow and evolve, and listen more fully to their intuition.  The yellow component of our lime green friend enables them to be decisive as they will not enjoy sitting on the fence for too long.  They have a natural wisdom and the ability to see all sides of an argument, making for good counselling/adjudicating/team-leading skills.  They are fair in their dealings with others and are not fooled by appearances.  Their individual approach will shine through and they will be respected for this.  They walk their talk.

Springtime blessings and enrichment to you, Nicky x