Autumn Equinox signals changes in every part of life.
Its one of the beneficial times of year to rebalance your energies, with a few acupuncture or shiatsu sessions or Bowen Therapy treatments.

Review your exercise programme, maybe enrol for a class or re start the cycling running jogging or walking routines which came unstuck during the summer. Take time for a few creative dehydrating sessions in the kitchen with the surplus fruit, veg and herbs from the garden.

Some of the greens are getting stronger now, maybe make some curried kale crisps? Its a good time to do a short detox, and follow it up with a daily green juice.

Cut back on the fruits and fruit juices which we probably use a bit too much in the warm sunny months!
And contact those special people we meant to spend time with this year, before yet another Christmas looms and we’re back to a “we really must meet in the New Year” card!