As I pondered upon the strange energy of the days leading up to this Autumn Equinox, a majestic Mountain filled my inner vision. I was actually awaiting a beautiful late Summer flower or resonant colour to give guidance for the day. Not a bit of it! The Mountain Spirits wished for their presence and wisdom to be heard. In turn, I felt still, strong, stable and empowered even with the tentacles of the “The Great Reset” – not my words, those of the World Economic Forum et al – gripping tighter.

There are no airs and graces about mountains as all stand in their own truth and sovereignty. Ancient and monumental, with their peak/s reaching up to the heavens and their base firmly rooted in Mother Earth, giving the feeling that much sacred power and unique wisdom are held within. Thus they are always a source of mystery and wonderment, and for many wherein dwell crystal caves and magical beings. Mountains are usually and hopefully always held in awe and respect. Some see them as an obstacle or a challenge to overcome, whilst to others they are places of refuge, pilgrimage or sources of contemplation and spiritual inspiration. Indeed the cool mountain air can be cleansing, rejuvenating, uplifting and motivating. However, some mountain air can be icy cold, unpredictable, unsettling and very strong minded!

We have a mountain to climb this coming Winter, though in a more positive sense it can be seen as a ‘vision quest’, with effects on all levels: emotional, mental, physical, societal and spiritual. On a possibly arduous path we may need to overcome self-doubt and fear, and reach into the core of our being, wherein we find our own truth, purpose, strength (and weakness)…. Ultimately no one can hide from themselves, not for ever anyway. Let us sit in stillness and quiet at the foot of the Mountain, not fooled by lies, illusions, contradictions, manipulations, false gods ….
Let us walk in dignity and remain honourable and peaceful warriors.

“Let every step that I take leave the footprints of a warrior.”
Dan Fogelberg
Multi-talented Composer, Musician, Singer & Songwriter
1951 – 2007

Mountain Spirit’s recommended energy to work with this Autumn and Winter is that of Amber – a ‘stone’ unlike any other within which can be found preserved dragonflies, butterflies and others from the extraordinary
insect world. The Dragonfly at this time is highly significant, being the symbol of transformation and transition; reawakening and renaissance; new ways of being; fresh or enriched skills and abilities.

Amber can enable ancient wisdom from the Elders, and the Animal and Plant Realms to be called upon. It is said to be a ‘stone’ of maturity and strength, sometimes called ‘Stone of the Bear’. It encourages stamina, persistence and healing; helps in decision making and generates a feeling of solidity; it can transmute negativity into positivity; it brings life-giving energy and the warmth of the sun. A vital friend and talisman for Winter!

It has long been recognised that Amber brings good luck to warriors, so thank you Spirit of the Mountain for this timely reminder.

With love, light and all things good,