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Basic Course will be two weekends.

We are excited to tell you that Elaine has completely rewritten the courses.

They will be programmed over linked weekends. So the basic course will be two weekends, with a month between.

From feedback we believe that a couple of weekends will be much easier for most people to attend without taking holiday leave, or leaving family behind for, the best part of a week.

In the four weeks interval you will be able to have a go at the things we did in the first weekend; try some recipes, plant some baby greens, experiment with the colon care and try out some transition eating plans. Then when we all meet again a month later, you will have the chance to compare notes, and ask questions based on your  own experience.

Elaine hopes and expects that after the second weekend you will have a strong base to continue your transition to Living Foods, with confidence, having gained a small group of well informed new friends for support. (Everyone will still be most welcome to contact her, as always).

Next years Basic Course will be two weekends.
To receive your personal early notification of the exact dates, please contact us now.

This will take place during two linked weekends.

These two weekends are parts of the complete course, are not bookable separately, and cannot be substituted for subsequent dates.

Harvesting baby sunflower greens

Harvesting baby sunflower greens