Nature’s rhythms are wondrous.  April is upon us after a rather strange Spring Equinox in March.  There seemed to be a stream of serenity yet, at the same time, an undercurrent of turbulence.  Intriguing!  Nevertheless Nature graced us with her early springtime loveliness.  Two beauties who particularly wish to be noticed, to me at least, are the sweetly mysterious Violet and the Blackthorn blossom who this year exudes so much light and expressive magnificence.

The captivating Sweet Violet is the first violet to flower, then comes the Dog Violet.  They have different tints of violet, some are almost lilac and there are faerie-like white varieties.  Violets are resilient little beings with heart-shaped leaves.  They seem to hug the earth and sometimes appear to hide under neighbours’ foliage unless they pop out and wink at you, then you know they have much to say and one must pay attention!  Violets are full of grace, are deeply bonded to the earth and yet radiate enormous spiritual energy.  This I call earthy spirituality.  Violet’s guidance is:

Home is inside you.  Touch the earth, feel your home.

The colour violet encourages dignity and poise; that we are the best we can be; that decisions are made for the highest good; that we walk in tranquillity, forgiveness and fellowship; that we honour our authentic and wise self.  Violet is akin to a spiritual regenerator which, for many, stimulates great creativity as well as enhanced spiritual awareness.

Springtime 2019 by Nicky

The lilac or pale amethyst colouration speaks of faith and trust.  It invites gentleness into our lives.  There is an unruffled feeling about this colour that calls to us, to our soul.

Blackthorn is such a tough, shrubby little tree, with deeply dark bark, gnarled and tangled branches with long and sharp thorns, and whose fruit, the sloe, is almost inedible though certainly has its uses!  In very early Spring, as if by magic, the glorious white flowers appear long before the leaves, acting as a beacon of light.  Their perfume is almost sweet and earthy and reaches into our depths.  Blackthorn flowers provide an early and valuable source of nectar and pollen for bees, and later the leaves provide food for some moth caterpillars and certain butterflies.  Birds like to nest among the dense branches and love the autumnal berries.  Blackthorn, tree of myth and magic, is a friend indeed.

Springtime 2019 by Nicky

This year the blossom’s energy appears so full of vitality, a call for us to get up and go, maybe even to make some tough decisions; release perceived limitations; unblock stagnancy; clear negativity making room for boldness and a creative approach to life and living; take nothing for granted; be robust in our self-care; offer kindness and understanding including to ourselves; let our spirit glow for this is what it so wishes to do.  Light and shadow face us all.  How we deal with both is crucial to wellness and wellbeing.  Muse upon Blackthorn blossom and you may well feel cleansed, revived and inspired.

Colour-wise Violet and White are both indicative of transformation and evolution along the spiral of life.  Violet’s vibrations are full of light, white is light.  Both offer a sanctuary for the weary soul.  Feel whole with violet and white by your side.