The liver focus on cleansing & ageing

We’re more likely to ‘fall into’ degenerative diseases as we age but help is at hand if we use the category of herbs that will help support and detoxify the liver, by keeping it stronger and more functional. There are so many liver herbs and all have their part to play. Our liver formula called Milk Thistle & Dandelion Formula has fourteen herbs in it. Unsurprisingly it has milk thistle within the formula blend as this herb is a premier liver and gallbladder protector, that is antioxidant, anti-viral and generally reduces damage to the liver. And this damage is often caused by free radicals which are produced when your liver metabolizes toxic substances. Another plant in the blend is the schizandra berries which protect and helps the liver regenerate new liver cells. Schisandra also increases ‘hepatic glutathione’, an essential liver nutrient and overall, it can protect the liver against man-made chemicals and pollutive substances. The berries are delicious and uniquely consist of all five flavours; sweet, salty, bitter, pungent and sour which is incredibly unusual in the botanical world. These five flavours make sure that the digestive system works well, a key component for good liver support. There are also ‘blood cleansing’ herbs in this liver formula and these are particularly able to filter out waste and toxins from the liver and blood as well as having many more unique and helpful actions that include the protection and growth of new liver cells. Some familiar liver herbs are perhaps dandelion, burdock and yellow dock root, which can be easily seen on Spring and Summer walks. These three, in particular, were classic staples for traditional Spring cleanses and modern studies simply re-confirm their indispensable qualities for this.

Food choices

On the food aspect, many foods specifically help the cleansing process like lemons, ginger, rosemary, apples, garlic, basil, beetroot, parsley and all cruciferous vegetables; the list is endless! Water is of course critical as it allows the gathered toxins to flow freely through the bloodstream and out via the eliminating organs of the kidneys/bladder and bowel.

The right cleanse method

Selecting the right cleansing method and duration is important. You can always go in gently then increase the tempo and duration if you seem to be doing well and might I say ‘enjoy’ the results. For this we have One-Day versions of our three major cleanses (bowel, liver and kidney/bladder). And then we have our more intense 5-Day Cleanses with a further option to take the 5-Day Cleanse and spread it much more gently over 28 days. If you’re unsure about any of this, we can always chat it through first. You can also simply put yourself on our overall cleansing blend of PolliTox Capsules.

Toxin congestion

A key concept to understand is when cleansing becomes counter-productive. Having gone to the effort of eating well and using detox herbs, the toxins must imperatively be quickly and efficiently exited. Should this not happen, they will recirculate and this will cause headaches, fatigue and aches in the process. So, pay attention to ensure that your bowel moves well and your bladder empties efficiently, ensuring that the gathered toxins are fully excreted. However, any sign of a sluggish or stubborn bowel then use our ColoClear Capsules. For kidneys that may need a hand to flush more efficiently, you can try our Parsley & Cornsilk Herb Tea.

A quick word of caution here, elongated, arduous detoxing methods are not always as wise as the idea may seem. Cleanses need to be proportionate to your energy levels to begin with. You can always do more as time goes by. So yes, do cleanse but go carefully.

By Jill Davies.