Cacao crisps Make some almond cream. Not too thick if you want a thin biscuit, a bit like macaroons. Delicious with peppermint or green tea.

Soak the almonds twice and throw away the soak water. Peel them if you wish or leave the skins on.

Stir in a lot of cacao powder. It needs a fair bit for the flavour to come through the drying process, and you will need to experiment.

You can spike the flavour with a dash of good instant coffee and/or some organic chocolate powder, but watch the sugar content.

Drop onto the dehydrator sheets and don’t over dry them. The first day they are more-ish still slightly moist. When fully dry they will keep well.

Try them with a small bowl of thick coconut milk and some acid berries, as a party pudding or just a comfort snack.