Is a favourite here. It can be eaten as soon as made, or left a few hours for the flavours to mingle.

One medium cauliflower, roughly chopped.
Remove the thick stalk, and keep the small leaves for garnish.
Two handfuls pumpkin seeds, soaked and redried for bio availability and more flavour
(We soak and re dry most of the nuts and seeds we use)
Two stalks fresh crisp celery
About a quarter of a crisp young green cabbage, roughly chopped
Remove the central thick stem.
Half a red onion, diced.
Flavouring to taste, miso, tamari, Bragg’s Aminos. Use a very little or the liquid will leak out later.
Serve with ripe juicy freshly picked tomatoes and a leafy salad
Put pumpkin seeds in food processor and whizz them til crumb texture, then add mixed handfuls of cauliflower cabbage celery and onion to get an even mix.
Add flavouring last.
You can process to a fine creamy texture, or, better, leave it with some crunch.
Pile into a bowl and lightly press down. Place a big plate over the bowl and invert it.
Leave covered at room temperature until you want to serve it.
Uncover, surround with tomatoes and scatter lavishly with garden herbs.
Chopped sage compliments it nicely.