Having spent the last five years or so running The Fresh Network, I have been in a unique position and have had the pleasure of speaking with thousands of people about the subject of health, raw food, diets, what works and what doesn’t work, and I have seen some people improve their health and others who lost their health. What I kept asking myself during these years was what is really going on? Why does raw and living food work for some and not for others, should we all be vegetarians and vegans, why does raw food work at all, and why do some people who seem to pay no attention at all towards their health never seem to get sick. There has to be an answer and I believe those answers are to be found at a cellular level.

The human body is a highly complex thing, more complex than most people give it credit for. Each human body is made up of over 250 trillion cells, every organ is made up of millions of individual cells, there are around 5 million red blood cells in 1mm cubed of blood alone, and every one of those cells has a complete holographic memory of the entire organism contained within it. There are over 250 different types of cells, eye lid cells, eye ball cells, heart cells, muscle cells, bone cells, liver cells, kidney cells, white blood cells and red blood cells to name but a few. All of these cells communicate with each other and all play their part in allowing us to experience what we term as life and health. The health of each cell is dictated by the internal environment in which it is situated. Cells need a specific environment, which many people refer to as our internal terrain, in which to function and require all the right nutrients in order to do the jobs that they are intended to do. Within that terrain are the nutrients the cells need and are ultimately derived from the food we eat, which makes what you eat pretty important although not important enough to spend much time on in medical school (sorry couldn’t help myself). Having said that diet is only a factor in getting nutrients to where they are needed. What you eat has to be broken down into usable microscopic pieces, so if your digestive system is not able to break what you eat down then it just goes right through you. Other factors that therefore dictate our cellular health are our digestive systems, our emotions, our autonomous nervous system both sympathetic and parasympathetic which control all the vital functions of our body, our pH regulatory system, our water management system, our genetics and our external environment. All these factors play a part in creating that “all important to our cells” internal environment, and as this environment changes, so too does every function and enzymatic process in the body. It is believed that there are over 43,000 enzyme reactions alone going on in some cells at any given moment. pH is a major factor in controlling these functions and the absorption of many nutrients, so as the pH changes, so too does the effectiveness of the utilization of the available nutrients. For example Iodine, implicated in many thyroid problems, requires a near perfect pH in order to be assimilated. For information on pH visit my web site and click on the BIOMEDX ROT & RUST TOUR.

All this is just the tip of the iceberg, but you can begin to see why so many people are getting sick, why drugs don’t really work in most cases and why we need to be trying to stay on the health path and not leave it until we get sick then have to try and fight our way back onto the health path (which isn’t always as simple as changing your diet!). I am not for one minute suggesting I have all the answers to this highly complicated subject but through Cellular Health Awareness I hope to take people to a better place of understanding by showing them the complexities within a tiny drop of their own blood and them being able to see with their own eyes the clear indications of early imbalance, so that they will be motivated enough to make small effective changes straight away before disease gets a better grip and requires them to make bigger, more dramatic changes at a later date. Whether you see it or not it’s all going on in your blood right now. This is no promise of a miracle cure, but it does introduce you to the reality of the workings of the human body and the incredible internal cellular world within every one of us and the microscopic wars going on every day between good microbes and bad microbes and the ability of our immune system to keep the baddies at bay and our body’s ability to replace damaged cells with new ones. Each day the body replaces 40cc of blood which equates to approximately billions of red blood cells! When I look at blood through the microscope it reminds me of looking up into space and is just as awe inspiring. Seeing tiny particles in your blood flitting around, referred to as colloids of life by some, is a pretty amazing thing and they are completely ignored by conventional blood testing. Not much is known about where they come from or what they do, but these tiny colloids are believed to be the point, at which the invisible becomes the visible, the actual building blocks of life. You begin to ask yourself questions like what are cells made up of? How are they made? What are the organelles (parts within a cell) made up of? How does the body do it despite being bombarded with alcohol and cigarette smoke? The time for things to change is now and I believe that the human genetic strain is reaching its limits as can be witnessed in the rapidly falling sperm levels in men and the failure to reproduce. Being cellular health aware won’t necessarily give you all the answers, but it will aim you in the right direction to where the answers are ultimately going to be found.

Pete Vincent runs Cellular Health Awareness and is a former director of The Fresh Network. His insightful, down to earth, balanced, honest approach to health enables people to gain a better understanding of the subject and a more realistic idea of what is truly needed to achieve and maintain it.
Pete currently lives in Ely Cambridgeshire and also sees clients in Exmouth Devon and Taunton Somerset on a regular basis.

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