Certificated Practitioner Training


New informal courses. All course dates are under constant review.

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WE AIM to produce competent ambassadors for the Living Foods Programme, Knowledgeable (we make sure you have the knowledge) Enthusiastic (you supply the passion) and Confident (we give you practice) to present inspiring classes.

WE DON’T waste your time with long periods of unnecessary attendance, or “course work”

This is a very practical course and we’ll give you lots of support, during and after your time here.

WE DO expect you to read up on the Programme and to walk the talk, as much as you can.


Practitioner Training – see above and contact us for full details


We are delighted to tell you about our intensive Training Courses.

We have designed a schedule of classes to give you a comprehensive experience of Dr. Ann Wigmore’s original Living Foods Programme. While you are enjoying the all live, all organic Live Foods juices and menus, we teach you how to present the essential classic dishes to your own clients. We also give you classes on the naturopathic perspective of the Programme; digestion, choosing food for ultimate health; cleansing techniques; transition to Living Foods and more.


Certificated Practitioner Training Course

A Message from the Director

The Courses are for those who are passionate about some aspect of healthy living.  People who care about helping themselves and others to a better state of health, energy and creativity.  People who are aware of the wider issues around health; food, farming, pollution, care of the soil, the safeguarding of wildlife and plants and how these affect our health now and that of our children.


The training is not just about knowledge, or exams.

This course is as far away as you can get from a tick box or online course! It is experiential as well as the classes  outlined below.  This means that throughout the periods spent here you follow the complete Living Foods Programme.  Apart from Day One we start early with juicing wheatgrass and then breakfast juices.  Classes include theory, demonstrations and practical sessions in the kitchen; we include a session to help you with planning the content of your own classes. Saturday evening is scheduled for individual practice of the personal cleansing techniques. We will supply you with the kit. Yes, it is a full on schedule!

During your time here your food will be the all organic mineral and enzyme-packed meals of the therapeutic Living Foods menus, from breakfast to supper inclusive.  It is easier for you if you are already using a high proportion of live raw plant foods.

If you have a health problem or know that you may be carrying a backlog of toxins from previous eating habits or medication, vaccinations, exposure to pollutants and the like, let us know in good time and we will suggest a lead-in regime to help you to detox gradually.

In any event, all applicants should consider at least the following basics, and establish them as a routine as soon as possible.


Recommended preparation

Minimise use of tea, coffee and sweet chocolate. Cut out alcohol, soft and fizzy drinks.

2 plus litres of good water daily.

At least one completely raw meal a day.  Minimise use of animal protein and dairy

One vegetable juice a day, half litre,

After a few weeks you will have a cleaner system and feel stronger and more energetic, ready to sail through your course, with minimum detox symptoms.  Some of you will already be established on at least these basics.

Note that smokers are not admitted to the course, so please free yourself completely and reliably from this habit before considering application*


The Course

This is a practical, skills based course. It takes place over two linked weekends, to give you a chance to try out some things before the second weekend. The teaching groups are small to allow plenty of opportunity for interaction and discussion.  All students compile their own comprehensive portfolio of class notes throughout the course. These, together with the outline notes which accompany the classroom sessions, will give you the information you need to plan your own class sessions. The emphasis is on a practical well planned introductory course to use for yourself and sympathetically teach others the information and methods of the Living Foods Programme as originally taught by Dr. Ann Wigmore.  Applicants are encouraged to read Dr. Ann’s classic texts, also Living Foods for Radiant Health.


Aims and Outcomes

Certificated practitioners will be competent to teach the setting up of a Living Foods Kitchen, and to guide their own students through practical and discussion classes in the following.

  • How to care for a range of sprouted seeds
  • The planting and care of indoor greens and wheatgrass
  • Plant enzymes, their preservation and use of a dehydrator
  • Fermentation, including the preparation of rejuvelac, sauerkraut and seed sauces
  • Water; re-hydration of the body and methods of water purification.
  • First level protocols for digestive care, including food combining, acid/alkaline balance and the use of raw produce
  • Transition to Living Foods


Elaine Bruce, Director and Principal Tutor at Elaine Bruce Living Foods UK

Personally taught by Dr. Ann Wigmore, trained in Naturopathy, also Homoeopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine, experienced in consultancy, she now specialises in teaching the Living Foods Programme to small groups. She rejects the current notion on the “raw” scene, that one size fits all, and all you need is basically to get your client to buy a juicer, give them a short “detox” schedule and sell them a gourmet recipe book. The wholistic naturopathic approach demands treating people as individuals. Not everyone, in fact very few people in the West, fare best on long term all raw, even if the Raw is the highest quality Live food. All her courses include transitional advice to suit you as an individual.

The authentic Living Foods Programme includes every aspect of health, internal and external including how to use food for health as well as enjoyment. During the Practitioner Training, you will experience the full Programme for yourself while learning how to present the essential basics to your own groups and clients. Elaine presents each course personally, and takes a keen interest in all trainees. She helps you with the preparation of your class plans and scrutinises them for you so that you can amend them before sending in the final version

If you have any questions, you can contact Elaine directly at elaine@livingfoods.co.uk or Contact Us for an application form.