I’ve always said that health strength energy and stamina all come from superb food (live/raw) and a balanced life, time outdoors, enjoying a sport or any regular exercise, sound sleep, and enough of it, a rewarding job or family you love looking after, good friends and time to spend with them, and a perspective which goes beyond yourself, so you can look out for, and speak up for other people.

Some puzzling facts though. I’ve seen people with CFS and M.E. improve markedly on Live Foods, but only so far. Why? Is it their overworking driven personalities? Do they have unhelpful beliefs about their tiredness? Has a personal crisis of some sort tipped the balance?
These things may be involved, possibly, but only possibly, and only partly.

I’ve listened to people, incredibly brave people who have to give up work, spend days in bed, put up with being told it’s all in your mind, it’s yuppie flu, etc. They still remain hopeful and try whatever they can to overcome the dragging disabling deep fatigue, which overwhelms them sometimes. And yes, when you are coping with all that, you’re entitled to feel down sometimes, but it’s more likely the result of your condition than the cause of it.

The truth is conventional medical science has not got a good understanding of the subject, and for a G.P who knows s/he can’t help/ doesn’t understand it, it is very tempting to “blame the patient”
If you refuse to accept the blame look up mitochondrial dysfunction, and also trawl the treasury of helpful information on Dr. Sarah Myhill’s generous website. Including news of her recent book.

It’s because you work too hard, or, you are not really ill, (which of these do they believe? They sometimes offer both!) They will run broad brush blood tests, which don’t show any obvious dysfunctions, and very likely fall back on sending you for CBT, so adding to your pressures and questioning your self image. Do you fit this description, does this describe you?   IF SO CHECK IT ALL OUT AT  www.drmyhill.co.uk