For health the body needs to detoxify and rebuild itself on a regular basis. The body’s cells are completely renewed every seven years. So here is a chance for us to take responsibility for our own health and change what may seem like our ‘fate’ to have the illnesses and problems of our parents.

The body is eliminating and rebuilding constantly on a moment to moment basis. Periodic cleansing seeks to optimize the body’s effectiveness in being able to eliminate the toxins, which are constantly being taken in. Toxins come in through the air we breath, the water we drink and the food we eat, as well as toxins created in the body through metabolism, dead cells, stress and emotions, and commonly parasites and their elimination. The body’s organs of elimination are under enormous pressures from a western lifestyle with little time given to their maintenance and health. If any of the main organs of elimination are functioning below par, it places an extra load upon the others in the body’s effort to get rid of its waste material.


The skin acts as a supplemental filter to the kidneys for removing wastes from the blood. It is the largest organ of elimination. When the other organs are congested the skin tries to push out toxins through the skin. You make a new top layer of skin every twenty-four hours. The skin throws off about two pounds of toxic waste a day in the form of perspiration. Taking care of the skin and ensuring that it functions well helps to relieve the other organs of elimination.

Breakout of spots, excema, scorisis, dry skin, dark circles under the eyes are all signs the body is toxic. The appearance of the skin is a good barometer of the general health of the body. A fresh glowing complexion cannot be imitated by make-up! Using oils, creams and ‘beauty products’ only serves to clog the portholes of eliminating waste.

Some methods of cleansing the skin;
· Dry skin brushing is an excellent way of removing dead skin cells and the waste materials excreted through perspiring. Three to five minutes a day is the best ‘wash’ you can have. Use a natural bristle brush, and brush towards the heart and clockwise round the abdomen. The powder that comes off is dead cells, crystals of uric acid and other dried waste products.
· Sauna or steam, which opens the pores and brings the blood to the surface for detoxification
· Epsom salt bath or floatation tank, the salts draw out toxins through the skin
· Cold shower after bathing or sauna or steam to close the pores and stimulate the lymph system, and blood circulation.
· Mud wraps or other herbal wraps can be beneficial in drawing impurities out of the skin
· Salt scrubs, help to exfoliate
· Bathing in natural mud pits, a wonderful aid to elimination through the skin
· Herbal or flower baths can be beneficial with personalized mixes made by a therapist


Some of the toxic waste material generated by the body is passed out of the system as a gas through the lungs. Carbon dioxide is exchanged for oxygen during the process of breathing. It is no surprise the incidence of asthma has increased so dramatically over the last decade, especially amongst children, as the air pollution with the widespread use of sprayed fertilizers increased. As our lives become more toxic and the pace of life quicker, we quite literally hardly have time to breathe. Breath is life. We can do without food for weeks, without water for days, but without air for minutes before the body dies. Signs of shallow breathing include shortness of breath, tight aching chest muscles, weak voice, tension in the shoulders from useless efforts to overcome insufficient inhalation, gradually there can become a loss of strength, energy and a susceptibility to emotional and mental exhaustion.
Improving the exchange of gases results in better oxygenation of the blood and better removal of toxic wastes.

Here are some examples of some breathing exercises;
· Breathe out all the old stale air, completely empty the lungs to start. Hold that empty state then slowly breathe in through the nose, filling the lungs, hold that state. The shoulders and rib cage should not move; as when a small baby breathes, it is the belly that distends with the air. Breathe out slowly through the mouth with lips slightly open as if blowing a flame to make it flicker but not to extinguish it. Repeat five times.
· There are many breathing exercises; one very good book is ‘The Art of Breathing’ by Nancy Zi. That has six simple lessons to improve breathing habits.
· Chi Gong or Yoga contain many breathing methods which can be helpful
· Exercise is a natural way of increasing elimination, as the lungs are strengthened and the rate of gaseous exchange increased.


These are so important to our internal cleanliness that we have been given two! We have 100% reserve in the ability to filter our blood of toxic waste and excess water. The best way to aid the kidneys is to drink plenty of good quality water.

Smooth functioning of the urinary system is essential for keeping the appropriate balance between water and substances dissolved in it, and between the acid and alkaline balance in the body. Most diseases of the kidneys are related to an imbalance of simple filtration in the kidneys. About 100-150 litres of dilute filtrate are formed each day, of these 1-1.5 litres are excreted as urine. With the exception of blood cells, platelets and blood proteins, all other blood constituents pass through the kidneys. The more concentrated the fluid is the more acid and thick the body’s fluids become, leading the cells to become deformed.

To cleanse the kidneys;
· Water, water, water. Good quality, warm or room temperature sipped frequently throughout the day away from meals. A minimum of two litres a day is recommended.
· There are a number of herbs, which can be beneficial to cleansing the kidneys. Andreas Moritz has put together a mix of Marjoram, Chicory Herb, Cat’s Claw, Uva Ursi, Fennel Seed, Gravel Root, Golden Rod Herb, Comfrey Root, Hydrangea Root, Lemon Seed, Marshmallow Root. But also dandelion is known to help.
· Watermelon juice


Complete elimination of the bowels in the Western World today is very rare. Tribe’s people will eliminate about 500grms a day, going after each meal. In the West it is once a day and about 150grms if you are lucky! Through self-abusive diet, lifestyle and bowel care, the bowel has become sluggish and a storehouse for the rubbish going into our bodies, emotionally and physically.

Autointoxication caused by microorganisms, metabolic waste etc causes misery and decay in our bodies. Plato said death starts in the gut. Sluggishness, bloating, constipation, indigestion, offensive wind are all considered normal. Being ‘normal’ does not make it natural or healthy. With our increasing awareness of the importance to our health of hygiene and cleanliness in our homes and factories, there seems little concern for our personal sanitation. We have a ‘sewer’ inside us and we must keep it clean.

Bowel cleansing techniques include;
· Enemas, where 1-2 litres of warm water are introduced into the bowel, held and then eliminated with the loosened deposits. Coffee, Chamomile tea, Epsom salts amongst others can be added to the water for different effects. An implant of wheatgrass or probiotics might also be helpful after an enema.
· Colon Hydrotherapy similarly to an enema introduces warm filtered water into the colon to soak and loosen deposits on the membrane wall of the colon. These deposits and accumulated matter, gases, toxins and mucous can then be washed out. The water can go up the 5 foot of the large intestine, and 25 galleons of water used. The treatment exercises the colon helping to tone and reshape the colon to encourage more complete elimination.
· Herbal remedies can be used, and there are a wide range, from what Granny used to use e.g. molasses or syrup of figs or some of the oxygenating products now on the market. Some of these like senna, if over used can cause the bowel to become weak, so ideally a practitioner should prescribe all herbal remedies.
· Fiber or intestinal brooms as some products describe themselves can be useful e.g. psyllium husks, but again they are not suitable for all and professional advice should be sought.
· Parasite cleanses are usually herbal e.g. black walnut hull, cloves and wormwood, although there are zappers which supposedly kill off parasites, also homeopathic remedies. The Sputnik is an electro magnetic capsule, which can be swallowed to kill off parasites.

Bowel cleansing is best supported by a detox diet i.e. the Living Foods program, or fasting. Fasting is a subject in itself and is best undertaken with professional support.


The lymph has the job of picking up intracellular waste and dumping it into the bloodstream, where it is then processed by the liver and filtered by the kidneys. White blood cells in the lymph also destroy harmful bacteria as part of their function in the body’s immune system. Unlike the blood, lymph has no pump to force it through its vessels, which extend to every corner of the body. Lymph circulation depends upon movement of the extremities and muscle action. That’s why most of our lymph nodes are concentrated in the places of greatest movement in the body. They are found where the arms and legs meet the torso and in the neck at the spot where nearly constant movement occurs.

To stimulate the lymph system:
* Exercise, especially rebounding has been found to be helpful.
· M.L.D. manual lymphatic drainage is a light massage especially devised to increase the flow of lymph in the body.
· Dry skin brushing can gently stimulate the flow of lymph as the lymph system is just under the skin.
· Going from hot to cold showers causes the muscles to contract and relax which helps move the lymph round the body.
· Herbal support might include Hawthorn, Cayenne, Garlic, and Ginger.


The liver is not strictly one of the organs of elimination, the liver filters and removes large amounts of toxic matter such as dead cells, microorganisms, chemicals, drugs and particulate debris from the blood stream. The liver filter contains specialized cells known as kuopfler cells, which can remove a wide range of bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites. Enzyme pathways inside the liver cells break down every drug, artificial chemical, pesticide and hormone. If the liver becomes overloaded or inefficient toxins, dead cells and microorganisms build up in the blood stream, that increases the workload for the immune system, which if becomes overworked and irritated leads to symptoms of immune dysfunction e.g. allergies, M.E., fybromyalgia.

Cleansing the liver;
· Liver and Gallbladder Flush, there are a number of different ones, see “The Amazing Liver Cleanse” by Andreas Moritz or ”The Healthy Liver and Bowel Book” by Sandra Cabolt for more details. The cleanse involves softening the stones with apple juice, opening the bile ducts with Epsom salts and causing the liver and gall bladder to contract with a large quantity of olive oil and grapefruit juice.
· Milk Thistle has a long reputation as a liver cleanser
· Castor Oil Packing, a lovely gentle way to relax and bring toxins out of the liver if applied over the liver. Castor oil cannot be broken down by the body thus enabling it to carry rubbish out due to its high energies.

It must be stressed that all these cleanses are best supported by the choice of foods as set out in the Living Foods Program. Without the support of correct eating they will be much less effective and even in some cases counter productive and dangerous. The body can only cope with eliminating toxins built up over the past if toxins are not still coming at it in the present. Cleansing is best carried out when fit and well. If necessary when there are medical symptoms of illness it should always be done with professional direction and supervision.

Physical cleansing will often lead to a desire to get the rest of one’s life right. As the body releases trapped matter and toxins from the past, so it releases the trapped emotions and energy that have been accumulated over the years. So one can move on unencumbered by the restrictions of old patterns and live a life free from the physical, mental and emotional toxicity of the past.

Alison Finn


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