If you are concerned about the government’s plans for nuclear power stations and about the horrendous pollution from some of our present coal fired stations, there is something you can do. Find out the facts about coal fired stations, and read about what is being done on behalf of all of us to change this potentially disastrous situation.

If you don’t already know what GREENPEACE does and how it works, find out now.
The important thing about Greenpeace is that is truly powered by individual people, and doesn’t get grants or accept donations from governments or commercial organisations. Find out about their current campaign against coal pollution –Click here

Read about all the other things they do and how you can help www.greenpeace.org.uk or phone your donation to the climate change appeal to 0800 269065
Do it today before you turn the heating up.

I am networking this item as a private individual because I am a longtime Greenpeace supporter, and want you to know what they do.
I hope you decide to join them too.

Elaine Bruce

Visit the Greenpeace Site