The nation’s favourite drug of choice! Caffeine stimulates your central nervous system resulting in your adrenal glands to excrete the hormone adrenalin. This is part of the body’s flight and fight response which helps to respond in a sudden emergency. It causes a raise in pulse rate, breathing and blood pressure.

The problem is, like any drug, the more you use it the more you need to have the same effect. If you drink coffee regularly you will end of craving and needing it simply to feel normal. There are other ways to stimulate your metabolism in the morning and shrug off the morning gloom. Exercise in the morning or walking. Hot and cold showers can be a very effective way of boosting metabolism.

Caffeine has effect on raising blood sugars, so instead eat a snack such as nuts and seeds which are a slow releasing carbohydrate. If you crave caffeine because you feel tired, then there could be underlying reasons such as iron or B12 deficiency.

By Philip Weeks