Spring Equinox 2021
The simple joy of Lesser Celandine celebrating life

Hope springs eternal even amidst the takeover of our lives. Springtime is the epitome of hope. This Equinox has a feeling of longing, of calling “wake up, wake up, wake up and respond to the melody of light and life”. I am reminded of a dear old friend’s favourite saying, sadly whose authorship was unknown to her: Keep a green bough in your heart and the singing birds will come.

The plant world – trees, shrubs, herbs, grasses, lichen, algae, cacti and flowers – truly supporting Springtime, has more to give than any other form of life. Plants are our constant companions who clean the air and absorb
pollutants. They seek to nourish, energise, heal, stimulate the senses, protect, empower, give joy, inspire and encourage us. They give out/release precious oxygen, absorb and thrive on carbon dioxide (CO2). Indeed CO2 is
vital for their growth and wellbeing. Carbon Dioxide together with sunlight and water, transformed into sugars, become plant life food. Plant alchemy! Reduced carbon dioxide = reduced plant life, thereby depleted human and
animal life.

Very often in early Spring folk can feel quite tired. We seem not to have the same vim and vigour as our plant friends, and are possibly not adjusting to the changes in energy that come with Springtime. After the Winter, and
especially during times of heightened stressors, we fall out of balance. In other words we are out of harmony with body, mind, emotions and spirit who are not able to function at their designed optimum.

A main way to deal with current affairs (!), especially when overwhelm kicks in and resourcefulness bows out, is to keep one’s Chi/Ki/Prana/Life Essence augmented and flowing. However, as Denis points out, there needs to be
personal Chi available in the first place before it can be enhanced! So many people’s lifeforce appears low and there is palpable weariness in the air. Springtime of course contributes the opposite.

Using colour, you can make more Chi available for instance:
RED for physical energy, enthusiasm and courage (avoid too much red if angry, when inflammation or fever are present, when blood pressure is continually raised)
ORANGE for creative energy, sustenance and stamina
YELLOW for mental energy, motivation and clarity
For balancing energies turn to GREEN
For immune system energy turn to TURQUOISE
For energy in communication use a vibrant BLUE
For inspirational energy or restfulness call upon INDIGO
For spiritual energy VIOLET is always there for you.

To augment Chi connect with Nature daily, touch the earth, breathe fully, move your body with Tai Chi, Yoga, Qi Gong (to name just a few), walk, sing, dance, good nutrition working in harmony with your constitution and needs,
raise endorphins (the feel-good hormones) … We need to remember too that we do have natural energy cycles within our being, the normal ebb and flow of energies. These are to be respected. In this way we will avoid burn-out or
stagnation. Natural energy cycles vary throughout the day and night, the week, month, year and season.

Note to those unable to get out much, and indoor air pollution can be very lowering, ensure Nature joins you indoors by growing herbs and microgreens on windowsills and by enjoying the presence of houseplants. Many indoor
plants impart good energy, cleanse and refresh the atmosphere. Some examples being the Peace Lily, Aloe Vera, Spider Plant, Rubber Plant, Grape Ivy, various Palms, Gerbera Daisies and Chrysanthemums. The emissions  produced from electronic devices can be harmful. So if you sit at a computer for hours, spend much time on a mobile phone or watch hours of television, be mindful of the radiation you are being exposed to. House plants can help
here too e.g. many of the above mentioned ones plus Cacti, Asparagus Fern, Holy Basil (also known as Tulsi) and Ivy (providing it is a variety that is happy to live indoors). SPRINGTIME GOODNESS TO ALL, Nicky