John in the Living Foods GardenNow is the time to start feeding all the plants emerging and flourishing into new growth.
We have just emptied the compost bins here: they yielded buckets and buckets of rich mature crumbly compost. , and quite a few old avocado stones!  We don’t waste those any more, but always eat them, whizzed into energy drinks. Read why.
This has now all been spread around the beds and climbing plants, where it will mulch and enrich at the same time.
We kept some back for the big herb and greens bed. That is still well covered in sturdy  greens like chard and leaf beet, as well as a mat of over wintered forget me not seedlings. Some of those will be allowed to flower, the rest taken up and composted when it is time to plant this year’s new veggie seedlings. At that point they will get their own dressing of home grown compost. Here, our bins are exclusively fed with the raw scraps from the kitchen, and the root mats from the baby greens and wheatgrass trays. If you haven’t got your own system going yet, buy in a good organic peat free compost to give your veg and salad plants a good disease free start.