Cornflower Blue

Inspired by the stunning cornflowers, both annual and perennial, our colour for June is Cornflower Blue.  The annual cornflower, Centaurea cyanus, iconic feature in wildflower meadows and grain growing fields, is sadly in decline due to herbicide use….  Being adaptable it can in fact grow nearly anywhere including waste ground.  We are now beginning to see more of these beauties due to wildflower seed mixes whose ensuing flowers generously and happily gift and spread their seeds.


The Centaurea family, which includes knapweed, is named after the famous centaur Chiron.  Different from other centaurs, both in appearance and demeanour, Chiron was calmly courageous, knowledgeable, insightful and wise.  Indeed it is said he had the gift of prophecy and of divining the celestial spheres i.e. the roots of astrology.  His understanding of botany, herbcraft and herbal healing, among other skills, was immense.  He championed young folk and was a just and gifted teacher.  Chiron’s wisdom lives on and the Constellation Centaurus shines brightly.  A ‘centaur’ is also the name given to a special group of so-called minor planets possessing asteroid or comet qualities, one of whom is called Chiron.  Previously thought of as fairly dormant, it has now been discovered that Chiron probably has its own ring system, and apparently glimmers of activity and brightening have been observed from this centaur.  Astrology, of course, never underestimated Chiron!


Back to our flower!  Cornflowers are wonderful for bees, butterflies and moths.  Let’s grow more of these striking blue flowers for their beauty and for wildlife.  To encourage more cornflowers let them seed, and the seeds to fall, before cutting them back.  The softly fragrant florets make a charming addition to a potpourri, mixing well with lavender flowers and pink rose petals.  Together they release a gentle and supportive energy – cornflower to inspire, lavender to ease, with rose bringing balance and harmony.


Traditionally cornflowers were used as a herbal remedy to bathe inflamed, sore or tired eyes, having a special affinity with blue eyes.  They were also used to treat mouth ulcers and minor wounds.  Wearing a blue silk scarf around the neck will help alleviate a sore throat.  It also enables one to calmly deal with a potentially challenging conversation.  Blue can facilitate the sharing of things unsaid or that have been avoided, ignored or blocked, in an honest and constructive way.  Blue is said to be the colour of truth.


Not an easy colour to replicate, these enchanting flowers are a blend of different blues, lilac/lavender, violet and a dash of purple.  Blue is a firm favourite colour for many.  It imparts sincerity, loyalty and trust.  In its company sensitivity and intuition can be heightened.  Blue is anti-inflammatory, cooling and soothing – on the whole a peaceful and undemanding colour, giving a feeling of comfort and assurance.  The lilac/lavender tone and the violet add delicacy yet depth, and spiritual enrichment.  The touch of purple adds purpose, majesty and intrigue.  Both purple and violet have transformative and inspirational qualities.  Full of grace when seen dancing on the breeze, cornflower’s colours calm both mind and nerves, harmonise and move one to new horizons or ways of creative expression and thinking.  Cornflower Blue is an entrancing colour.


Reducing the effects of stress, blue – notably the softer, paler tints – is a relaxing colour to have in the home, however best avoided in rooms where much activity takes place or in rooms that are a bit cold.  A light lavender bedroom brings peacefulness and a soothing space to be in.  Violet makes an interesting accent colour, though is a very personal choice.  Violet enhances meditation and sensitivity.  Purple is for the bold!


Lovers of blue tend to be peace loving, loyal, caring and wise.  They are always there for friends in need.  They may find some aspects of life hard to cope with as these can go against their very nature.  They can be quite idealistic, are big thinkers, may be dreamers, bury their heads in the sand or become withdrawn when overwhelmed.  Time then to call upon Orange!


Wishing you cornflower blue filled skies this Summer!