Day Workshops at The UK Centre For Living Foods


Day workshops at The UK Centre For Living Foods summer 2022.

Saturday 4th June 2022

Saturday 2nd July 2022

Saturday 6th August 2022

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The Living Foods Programme and how to use it to transform your health including understanding and managing your detox symptoms.

Check out Elaine’s Living Foods kitchen. Live greens and sprouted seeds, fermented foods.

Equipment, water purification etc.

Watch Elaine prepare classic recipes using food processor, blender and dehydrator.

Practice preparing live greens, and fresh garden herbs for salad.

Enjoy your living foods lunch.

Your questions answered.


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Elaine Bruce, Director and Principal Tutor at Elaine Bruce Living Foods UK

Personally taught by Dr. Ann Wigmore, trained in Naturopathy, also Homoeopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine, experienced in consultancy, she now specialises in teaching the Living Foods Programme to small groups. She rejects the current notion on the “raw” scene, that one size fits all, and all you need is basically to get your client to buy a juicer, give them a short “detox” schedule and sell them a gourmet recipe book. The wholistic naturopathic approach demands treating people as individuals. Not everyone, in fact very few people in the West, fare best on long term all raw, even if the Raw is the highest quality Live food. All her courses include transitional advice to suit you as an individual.

The authentic Living Foods Programme includes every aspect of health, internal and external including how to use food for health as well as enjoyment. During the Practitioner Training, you will experience the full Programme for yourself while learning how to present the essential basics to your own groups and clients. Elaine presents each course personally, and takes a keen interest in all trainees. She helps you with the preparation of your class plans and scrutinises them for you so that you can amend them before sending in the final version

If you have any questions, you can contact Elaine directly at or Contact Us for an application form.