An Easy Winter Salad Recipe - Elaine in the gardenThere’s not much fresh green stuff around now, but we are all longing for the cleansing vital effect of a plateful of robust crisp raw food which wakes up the taste buds. Not all of us have kept the sunflower greens going over Christmas, so it’s time to start those off again now – view our video.

But in the meantime try this. The bitters and sharp tastes will help your liver, and re-awaken your natural appetite as the days start to lengthen.

There are excellent organic leeks, watercress and chicory, red or white, as well as good celery and red onions available now.

Finely slice the whites of leeks, a generous amount, and very finely slice a small amount of red onion and separate the rings. Use a whole pack of watercress, and one of rocket if you find a fresh looking one. Just lightly cut these so they are easier to make a mouthful. A couple of celery sticks, finely chopped add the final juicy crunch.

If you have a herb bed, there will be thymes and sages, or look for them in the produce section. Chop a generous handful of each, and toss all these together and heap in a bowl.

Peel and slice a perfect avocado and arrange the slices edgewise round the bowl, alternating with the chicory spears.

Good olive oil and cider vinegar if you need a dressing, and don’t forget to eat the avocado stone at some point.