This spring’s Equinox guidance is simply to invite TURQUOISE into each day: think TURQUOISE – wear it, breathe it in, visualise it surrounding and filling your whole being. Turquoise’s vibrational energy and power become a crucial companion during these tumultuous times.

This colour gleams with light and offers a refreshment to one’s entire being. It is as though this colour has energies from the sun, the moon, the sky and the sea. It brims with positivity and encourages personal growth and awareness, hope and fortitude.

Turquoise is both gentle and splendidly joyful. There is an originality and independence about it, and a freshness that conveys much is possible. This colour has a timeless quality yet is of the now, a compassionate friend in this modern world. Turquoise can uplift and help buoy us up.

Turquoise inspires the creative imagination, facilitating new or novel ideas. It will strengthen our already present insightful abilities. Turquoise is self-assured and confident and wishes the very same for you. This colour is somehow always surprising and always delightful. It conveys great potential within us, and that our creativity/creative outlet/creative expression is essential to our wellbeing.

Turquoise resonates within the Thymic Centre/Chakra at the top of the chest, in the middle of the breastbone. It is also known as the High Heart Chakra. The thymus gland is absolutely essential to the healthy functioning of the immune system. This Chakra acts as a bridge between the emotional self and communication. It is therefore implicated in wise speech and connection with others. Writing about this has brought back to mind an exercise I used to do to enliven this centre by very gently tapping all around the area, with a view to re-energising oneself. Recognition of this centre is important as it can enhance health and heighten vitality – no wonder its associated colour is turquoise. This centre also asks that we listen to our inner knowing, the wisdom within; that we accept unconditional love as well as giving it; that we find time for replenishment particularly after emotional challenges; that we observe how we respond to stress and if overloaded take immediate steps to find some level of equilibrium.


Loving light, Nicky X