Why are women still binding their feet?

Shandals®To me, there are many similarities with women’s fashion of wearing either stockings and socks in pointy heeled shoes to the 1,000 year old Chinese fashion of mothers binding their daughters feet.

Of course to a much lesser degree, but even so, the submissive symbolism, the objectification and the long term damage done to women’s feet in fashion shoes, have striking echoes.

Especially as women grow older as they become mothers and grandmothers.

There freedom of movement, their body language, their mobility, over time become stunted and limited.

Being in a body with strong toes, is a real freedom, be you a daughter of 26, a mother of 46 or a grandmother of 86.

Strong, unfettered toes are a real freedom, a real empowerment, for women as they age.

They have grace dignity in their movement.

They are agile and have vitality.

They have Jua de Vie in every step.

Qualities that are conducive for a happy, independent, active, long life.

It’s London Fashion Week and no doubt there will be an endless single file, school like, march of hundreds of objectified young women lending their beauty, vitality and sexiness to parade down the catwalk in the same old, women’s fashion shoes that limit their natural Jua de Vie……

It’s time for a change.

It is time for Shandals® to step into the limelight…..