I am writing to you because of concerns I have regarding the above.

The GMC have been investigating certain complaints against Dr Sarah Myhill for over a year now without coming to a decided conclusion about her fitness to practise. I am declaring an interest to you that I am supporter of Dr Myhill. When the GMC investigations were first made public, thousands of patients and supporters wrote in her defence to the GMC. A Facebook group with over 2500 members is still very active and an online petition attracted
thousands of signatures in her favour.

I feel the GMC have treated Dr Myhill unfairly throughout this whole process and I would like to cite just one example of the slapdash manner in which she has been treated.

At a recent Interim Orders Panel the GMC lodged a complaint against Dr Myhill concerning her acting as a midwife, a medical practice which they considered put Dr Myhill outwith her permitted, and at that time, restricted medical licence.

The complaint was made anonymously but included a weblink which was as follows:

You will notice that that there is a link near to the bottom of the webpage and if you care to click on the link you will see that, in fact, Dr Myhill delivered some rather fine piglets! I think I am right in saying that the GMC’s regulatory powers do not extend to the safe delivery of porcine offspring but I wait to be corrected.

My concern is that the GMC did not follow its own procedures for checking that complaints are at least worthy of commencing an investigation. The following wording is taken from the web page INVESTIGATING CONCERNS

‘’At an early stage we will decide whether there are issues which we need to investigate further, and if so, what form the investigation should take.’’

It is fairly self evident, I would contend, that not one single officer at the GMC clicked on the mentioned web link and saw the fetching piglets in all their glory. This is a very serious issue because if the GMC can accept complaints such as these, then what other spurious complaints are being accepted prima facie by their officers?
I would be most grateful if you could contact Mr Paul Philip of the GMC and ask for his opinions on this sorry tale. In particular,

1—What, if any, procedures did the GMC follow in bringing to a full session of an Interim Orders Panel Hearing this complaint against Dr Myhill about her delivery of piglets?

2—Is Mr Philip satisfied that the GMC followed proper procedures in this particular complaint?

3—Have any steps been taken internally at the GMC to ensure that such ridiculous charges are never brought before an IOP Hearing again?

I have copied this letter to Niall Dickson, Chief Executive of the GMC, in the interests of openness. Also to the Minister of Health and the Minister of Justice

Yours sincerely,
Your name

Cc Niall Dickson,
Chief Executive
General Medical Council
Regent’s Place,
350 Euston Road,
London NW1 3JN

Rt Hon Andrew Lansley
House of Commons.

Rt. Hon Kenneth Clarke QC
House of Commons