Golden light for 2019.

Buttercup offers you a chalice of light for 2019.
May you enjoy Nature’s seasons,
the warmth of friendship both human and animal,
the fortitude of a heroine and hero,
the spirit of adventure,
the love of learning,
nourishment for the soul,
fun and a lightness of being.
Buttercup belongs to the wild flower clan.
Wild flowers are symbolic of finding one’s way,
one’s aptitudes and strengths,
that which excites heart and mind.
Buttercup guides us to augment our self-worth
and to live in congruence with our authentic self.
A good year to plant some wild flower seeds/bulbs!
New Year Blessings, Nicky
In praise of the wild flowers who have survived the trials and tribulations of living on planet Earth, and
who continue to awaken, emerge, flourish and inspire.