Sunflowers by Nicky Jevon

Sunflowers summer

Come August and September the light and the colours begin to change.  These two months have a distinct feel of their own, a season in its own right, that of Late Summer.  Golden Yellow has a bounteous aura about it reflecting this time of year.  It shines and conveys simple joy and triumph over adversity.

We can call upon Golden Yellow to enable illumination where clarity is needed.  This special yellow conveys spiritual abundance, generosity and richness.  When you need to let the sunshine in, invite Golden Yellow into your day.  Its vivacity inspires fresh ideas, helps with important decision-making and communicating feelings and thoughts.

Of all the colours of the spectrum pure Yellow has the highest luminosity.  By nature it is lively, jovial and warm.  The mind and nervous system are cheered by this hue.  Its energy is expansive and arousing.  Gold adds lustre, splendour, dignity and wisdom.  Their combination nourishes the solar plexus. gladdens the heart and lifts the spirit.

Lovers of Golden Yellow will be quietly charismatic and possess a gentle magnetism.  They are big-hearted, and more than happy to share their knowledge and learning which are imparted with grace and compassion.  They are sensitive folk who do not deal with criticism very well.  Being authentic by nature they have a need to understand themselves well and the world around them.  They may be drawn to teachings or philosophies of old.  On the whole people who really enjoy Golden Yellow are confident, optimistic and positive.  They have good judgement and make wise teachers, guides or mentors.

In flower language the Golden Yellow Sunflower speaks of living in the present, spontaneity, appreciation, respect, individuality, self-worth, empowerment and radiance.

Wishing you a splendid Late Summer season, Nicky.