…. And so we continue to experience the spiral of the seasons, of Mother Nature and of life itself. Thus we enter another curve along our seasonal journey towards the glories of Autumn, time of harvest, transition and reflection. It is indeed a celebration that so epitomises the sacred cycle of life and change. A new energy is upon us, one within which the inescapable truth cannot be ignored, belittled, derided, nor denied. All of Nature responds and reminds us we are not separate – the spiral of life unites us in awareness and transformation.

Spiral patterning abounds in Nature and the spiral is an ancient, deeply significant, mystical and shamanic symbol to so many cultures and traditions. It is seen as the sign for creation itself, of evolution, of cosmic and life-supporting energy, balance and harmony, of personal and spiritual development, healing, consciousness, knowledge, wisdom, truth and inner power – many qualities sorely needed today.
Beautiful Autumn Equinox blessings to you, Nicky X

Dedicated to Koru, our recently departed beloved canine companion named after the koru, Maori symbol for the unfurling fern leaf, and symbolic of growth and life, new beginnings, harmony and peace.