1st/2nd February, 2021
with great love from the spirit of Snowdrop

Upon the tapestry of life and wheel of the year, we now reach Imbolc. This is the Festival of
Renewal, heralding the gradual natural awakening. It is dedicated to the Goddess and, as I see it, to
womankind and her creative force. In Mother Nature her lifeforce and her potency can be seen
emerging all around us via very early Spring flowers like Snowdrops – beacons of
light as we begin to emerge from Wintertime. Snowdrop flowers are like bells of
delight, chiming to the beat of the earth, lest we forget the very land that we have the privilege of
walking upon.

Light returns. We are being called to sow seeds and fertile thoughts, also to welcome the fact that
we are warrioresses of peace, light and infinite possibilities. Warrioresses can weave through the
complexities within the web of life with grace, understanding and intuition. The act of blaming others
together with constricting beliefs are recognised and let go of. This liberates. Many women find it
easy to see through the web of illusion too. Others fall prey to it like the many wolverine women in
power, perceived power, and authority at this time. They have extinguished or lost their precious
light. This does not have to be our way, we are better than that.

Imbolc, being a Fire Festival, is potentially a time of illumination and clarity. We need to keep the
sacred flame glowing. This will enable us to see beyond the horizon and the possibilities therein; to
face our fears and perceived limitations; to clear away the resultant, no longer needed debris; to find
our own truth and with this our own personal journey – doubtless a travel of strength, fortitude,
ingenuity and spiritual artistry.

And so, to all my wondrous women friends and men who applaud their female energy within, I light a
white candle in your honour. White is the colour often associated with Imbolc and is of
course what gives birth to colour in all its glory. White’s effect upon the spirit is strong. It can
ease and support the soul as we wade through today’s mire of uncertainty and apprehension. At the
same time it welcomes new days and new challenges that we can surmount with equanimity and grace.
As symbols of Imbolc, Snowdrops do just that. They arise at an inhospitable time of year
and, amidst a turbulent world, they wish to give solace – white flowers being gifts of purity,
peacefulness and luminescence that speak of lucidity, self-determination, integrity and vision. Their
light encourages that we take responsibility for ourselves and our actions, that we understand, listen
to, appreciate and use skills and abilities. These skills have sometimes been hidden, suppressed or
ignored. Time to release, honour and share them. Here’s to freedom. Ever love, Nicky X