In Praise and Celebration of Womankind

At the very beginning of February, the Fire Festival of Imbolc honours the Goddess, the re-emergence of light and life all around.  Winter’s mantle is still upon us, though it is now timely to make wishes and plans, to sow ideas, to begin to leave behind Winter’s constrictions and indeed anything in our lives that sits uncomfortably within our being.  This creates more space for ourselves, and for the potential and possibilities ahead.  Renewal and hope are in the air.  It is time to applaud Mother Earth’s fertility and our own very special creativity.  Let us also think about what lights our fire!

White and Snowdrops are associated with Imbolc.  From white light all colour is born and I relate this to the multi-coloured, multi-talented, multi-tasking women we are – beautiful rainbow beings!  Snowdrops grace us with their gentle presence at this time and offer a spiritual boost.  Their Wild Flower nature guides us to understand, listen to, appreciate and use skills and abilities.  These skills have sometimes been hidden, suppressed or ignored for a long time.  Snowdrop is calling for them to now be released, honoured and shared.  They also ask that we let go of fear and believe in ourselves.

The beautiful White Hellebore, who astonishes me every year, wishes to be included in this Imbolc greeting.  So, from her and myself, we salute you.


Around Imbolc I also sense a silvery glow.  Interestingly Silver is linked to the feminine principle.  Silver shimmers, is soft and sensuous.  It reflects the energy of the moon and the stars, whereby intuition is deepened as are powers of perception, discernment and integrity.  Silver encourages a spirit of purity and purpose, originality and versatility.  It supports the release of congestion or stagnation on many different levels, particularly emotionally.  Silver encourages the awakening of one’s true or higher nature.

I light a candle to all the wonderful women I know.  May your inner fire shine brightly and the power of the Goddess be with you.

Nicky XX