Such determination and spirit these plants have: to grow under a Copper Beech tree and in shade most of the time – a testament to their courage and lifeforce.

In Shade beauty and grace still grow

This ‘Paeony of peace’ as I call her, glows with almost electrifying white light. The Foxglove spire of gleaming white bells stands tall, as a beacon of light. Her fowers look lovingly towards Mother Earth as if saying “Keep your feet on the ground; maintain and nurture your emotional, mental and spiritual energies too, especially at this time.”

White flowers are gifts of purity and are soft on the eye. They emanate a gentle peacefulness, a spiritual boost. It is also as though one is being cleansed yet nurtured in equal measure. They revive the spirit. In shade or at dusk white flowers glow, appearing mystical and magical. Their glow speaks of clarity and truth, self-determination, integrity and vision. Their light encourages that we take responsibility for ourselves and our actions. In this way our own light will shine and may enable others to raise their vibration and enhance their lives too.

The spiritual effect from white flowers is strong, at the same time it can ease and support the soul. They may ask the viewer to unburden themselves, to free themselves of that which is no longer useful nor serves them well. This will have the glorious effect of lifting their spirit. The energetic emanations from white flowers will help soothe and rebalance the aura. A tranquility can be felt and therein the knowing that we can surmount any challenge with equanimity and grace. Even if we only pick up a fragment of the spiritual properties of white flowers, our lives are enriched and for that we give thanks.

White flowers are great spiritual teachers and help many reconnect with the GREAT white light of Spirit. The human spirit is boundless too and wishes to serve us well and be celebrated. Animalkind and plantlife embrace their spiritual natures, they live in connection and harmony with them. We can do the same, especially now as there is much dubious ‘shade’ that confronts us daily.

Another messenger made itself known a couple of days ago as I was walking along the river bed whilst ‘the boys’ were sploshing around. A small boulder lay on its side at the water’s edge and a white fash caught my eye. I bent down to investigate when I saw another similar piece. I felt immediately that these were ‘one’. I picked them up to reveal an inner core of a dazzling white quartz-type crystalline structure. And yes, they ftted together perfectly. This little boulder had obviously been buffeted around during the tempestuous fowing waters of earlier months with enough impact to break it. However its inner beauty can never be broken. The new crystal friend now has a place of honour beneath my little Birch tree. The message is simply:

“Never let your spirit be crushed for it is enduring and eternal.”