Indigo colour

November, heralded by the seasonal celebration of Samhain at the end of October, invites shorter days and longer nights which make for some beautiful indigo skies.  Indigo, akin to Midnight Blue, Dark Blue and Navy Blue, has a slight hint of purple that adds a little mystery and magic.

Indigo is an important colour as it inspires, relaxes and promotes restful and nourishing sleep.  Other than sleep problems this shade of blue will help nervous disorders and conditions of the head, particularly the eyes and ears.  Elsewhere painful or swollen areas can be eased under this hue’s influence.  Indigo is cooling and purifying, and calls for us to take some time out especially quiet times.

Indigo encourages a spiritual approach to life and hopes that people will not be afraid to delve into recesses of their being to get to know themselves better.  Inner vision is accentuated and working with this powerful colour opens new areas of comprehension, thereby self-knowledge and self-development.

Indigo will bring poise when communicating.  It will add a new dimension of sensitivity, thus encouraging the person/s to whom one is talking to/dealing with to respect these finer feelings and that maybe they too can honour their intuition.  Mentally Indigo unruffles and sustains.  With this colour’s co-operation decisions can be made with consideration, care and timeliness.

Lovers of indigo are uncannily perceptive, yet do not shout about it – they have too much integrity and discretion for that.  Often serious by nature they accept responsibility willingly though sometimes to their detriment, often being workaholic, overly rigid or uncompromising.  They can appear authoritative though mostly not aggressively so.  On the whole they make good and empathetic listeners who share their energies with understanding, honesty and wisdom.  They are happy to help others.  Their insights will enable another to see a way forward in a calm and focussed manner.

When drawn to indigo, structure may be needed in one’s life.  When out of balance or not well earthed, the indigo person may be prone to addictive tendencies or be ruled by daily rituals, routines or habits.  Routines can be extremely supportive offering shape to the day.  However, excessive reliance or intransigence around daily habits can limit spontaneity and variety.  Cast-iron patterns of behaviour may not serve us well.

People fond of indigo are great thinkers and indeed may over-think, finding themselves living too much ‘in their head’!  Best to balance this with some joyful activities like dancing or being out in Nature.  They will be drawn to things of beauty and elegance.  These lift their spirits.  The lover of indigo will be a loyal friend or colleague, someone one can depend upon and trust; someone who can see through any chaos and bring quiet, insightful order or ideas.

Wishing us all some interesting night skies, inspirations and special friends this November, Nicky X