Living Foods Courses

Elaine Bruce, long-term practitioner, consultant and tutor in the Living Foods Programme, directs and presents the courses from a wide experience.  Trained and experienced in Naturopathy, Homoeopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine, she draws on these major disciplines and others for a distillation of up-to-date nutritional research as well as tried and tested practice for your health. Contact us if you have questions. We will be glad to answer them.


Our Living Foods Courses

Throughout all our courses we feed you with delicious healthy dishes which help you to detox while they nourish you. We don’t know a better or easier way to start you on the way to energetic radiant health.


Informal Living Foods weekends with Elaine. Register your interest, please contact us now.

These weekends replace the five day intensive format, to make it easier for you to attend, and to give you the opportunity to practice between weekends.