Magenta is a beautifully happy colour for the merry month of May!

May and Magenta seem a perfect pairing, just like the coming together of red light and violet light that create this magnificent and mysterious colour. Although not part of the visible spectrum, magenta is sometimes called the eighth colour of the rainbow. Everyone seems to have their own interpretation of magenta due to how our eyes and brain perceive it. Indeed there are many variations and versions. These range from a flirtatious pink to a ruby plum! Magenta can be referred to as Ruby Magenta and ancient folk believed that an eternal and inextinguishable flame burned within a ruby gemstone. A splendid way to describe what, today, would be called a ‘star ruby’. Mineral threads within this most special ruby create a six-pointed star when light catches them at a certain angle. Magic indeed!

The word magenta is likely to come from ‘maggiore’ and, other than major, signifies the great, greater or greatest. This is important when realising that magenta is composed of red and violet, the two colours relating to the root energy centre/chakra and the crown chakra. Therefore this magenta field of energy is the link between that which grounds us and that which connects to our spiritual nature or to the realms of Spirit. It creates a heartfelt union between earth and heaven, resonating indeed at the heart centre. Magenta holds a beauty and graceful intensity. It can make us feel fully alive, just as when our energy centres are aligned and in harmony, and we are fully in our body yet also linked to things of the spirit. Magenta’s high vibration has a unifying effect thus body, mind, feelings and spirit are in congruence, enabling us to shine brightly.

Magenta oozes energy, boldness, wellbeing and inspiration. It radiates an interesting combination of violet’s individuality, composure and spirituality with red’s passion, power and warmth. Magenta has a playful quality too, calling for spontaneity and fun. It encourages that ‘joie de vivre’ and is a good colour to call upon when feeling blocked, disorientated, undermined, drained or demotivated. Invite magenta light into your being to return you to wellness and wholeness. It captures the creative imagination, inspires initiative, imparts strength and wisdom.

Nature too has her magenta colours and, as if on cue, soft sunlight now shines through a pretty little tulip, and a tiny golden-eyed, deep magenta primula winked!

May ColourMay Colour

Yet to come are the glorious magenta tints and shades from clematis, fuchsias, geraniums, roses, dahlias, lilies, perennial wallflowers, poppies and phlox, to name just a few.  To be remembered and admired is our abundance of wild flowers who gift us so many magenta tones, with the wild gladiolus being a superb example.  This beauty communicates to us through her colour and flower shape, guiding us to respect and express deep emotions, to honour ourselves and our abilities, even if they are skills as yet undiscovered.  All wild flowers love for us to see beyond perceived limitations, to find our true path and in doing so celebrate life, living and sharing.

The intriguing amaranth comes to mind when pondering over magenta coloured flowers.  A native and often staple food of Central and South America, Africa and Asia, amaranth does enjoy the sun.  Its gluten-free seeds, from elongated magenta tassel-like flowerheads, yield a high source of digestible protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.  The leaves are also highly nutritious.  The word amaranth means a mystical, unfading or everlasting flower, yet again pointing to the magic of magenta!

If magenta’s exuberance and vivacity are too much for you, then enjoy all the calming and harmonising greens that Mother Nature and May have to offer!