Independent MLD Practitioner, working with patients referred by oncologists and vascular consultants. Also experienced within the Hospice environment and in working with Primary Care Trusts.

I am a practicing independent therapist specialising in Dr Vodder’s Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) for six years and one of six teachers of the introductory level of this technique in the UK. In recognition of the personal benefits and those experienced by participants of the Living Foods Programme at the Centre for Living Foods, Elaine Bruce has invited me to write about Dr Vodder’s MLD and its relevance in helping to keep the body well. I am delighted to take this opportunity to reach people – I think everyone should be aware of the powerful effects of this gentle, easy to receive treatment.

Cells are surrounded by connective tissue. Through this, nutrients are transported from blood capillaries to cells & cellular waste moves to blood capillaries and initial lymph vessels for removal. Blood capillaries resorb only small molecules – amounting to around 80-90% of cell waste. The remainder has to be removed by the Lymphatic System or it remains in the connective tissue – the function of which is affected adversely if it becomes congested with metabolic waste. Its composition deviates from the norm and/ or it accumulates fluid. The space between blood capillary & cell increases – nutrients take longer to get to the cell & its nutritional supply reduces – if it gets there at all!. Cell waste production continues & sits in the connective tissue, unable to be transported in a timely manner to blood capillary or lymphatic system for removal. Micro-oedema (swelling) of the connective tissue may contribute to the cause of much ill health or disease. The effects of MLD reduce micro-oedemas, reduce the space between blood capillaries, initial lymphatics & cells and therefore enhance the delivery of nutrients and the removal of cellular debris and toxins.

During a Living Foods or similar Programme and during and after illness cells will probably be producing more waste as they detoxify. MLD helps to ensure the effective removal of waste from the connective tissue into the lymphatic system helping toxin elimination from the body – level 2 elimination. Unlike level 1 elimination where cells eliminate toxins which, in the absence of elimination from the body, circulate and come to rest again – termed aggravation in nutritional medicine.

Immunologically some of the body’s defence cells are transported more rapidly if the lymphatic system is healthy. Additionally, in a healthy lymphatic system, pathogenic substances are transported more rapidly to lymph nodes (filtering stations) where they are held – to avoid spread throughout the body and/ or deactivated. We know, through observation, that people who have regular MLD have fewer low-grade infections, which last for a shorter time than untreated family members. The treatment of mucous membranes yields good results because of the improved & maintained environment for certain anti-bodies.

MLD elicits pleasure reflexes & at the same time acts on receptors that decrease or eliminate sensations of pain (in addition to reducing pain caused by swelling). At the very least physiologically MLD is relaxing, calming & reduces blood pressure. Benefits of MLD are maximised by a course of treatments.

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