The subject of Methylsulruby chardfonylmethane (MSM) seems to be crossing my desk frequently recently, so maybe its time for a few notes.
This is the season, when its cold, that it is all too easy for all of us, including people coping with allergies, cardiovascular problems, poor circulation and osteoarthritis, to eat a few more cooked and processed foods than normal. This is a natural seasonal variation in food choices, but if you have one of these conditions, you might want to make a point of keeping up your sulphur vegetables mainly raw, to give you the optimal level of MSM and to benefit from the anti inflammatory and anti oxidant properties of MSM.
Its easy to eat raw sprouted alfalfa and broccoli seeds, apples raspberries and tomatoes, or to enjoy a cup of tea, coffee, or warm milk flavoured with cacao.
However swiss chard, cabbage and broccoli will be far more bio available lightly steamed, also cooked legumes when added to a veggie stew or soup.
The sulphur vegetables especially broccoli, and even more so broccoli seeds (sprouted like alfalfa to give you chlorophyll rich leaves) have a great anti cancer reputation, but to benefit, you do have to be a bit clever with them.
In short, eat the sprouted seeds raw or juice some of them, but always lightly steam the broccoli, and first chop it down to release the enzymes.
You can treat cabbage and brussels sprouts the same way, but better still make some home made sauerkraut, and eat some daily for a real boost to digestive health.