The lighter brighter days of midsummer are here and so are the fresh greens and salads, growing in our own gardens, or at least in our own country.

It’s an excellent time for a few days  light eating or a short spell on juices alone.

The wisdom of Chinese Medicine tells us that the few weeks each side of the summer solstice are the ideal time to choose a short spell without solid food.

According to this, the body is better able to detox with less stress at this season, in contrast with the dark winter months, when the aim should be to conserve energy, and not ask the elimination organs to do extra work.

So, three days on juices alone?  Mostly vegetable juices, as green as you can, lightened with a bit of lemon, ginger, or watermelon. Have copious amounts of pure water in between your juices, (your kidneys will be doing a lot more filtration work).

Keep up regular exercise, but keep it moderate; include some time for rest, maybe a massage or a reflexology treatment, to help the detox process along.

Lastly, resist the temptation to use the extra energy you feel for digging the garden, repainting the kitchen or any such project!

Let the body have that energy, for its own priorities, which will be to do some deep cleaning!

Don’t do more than three days at a time without consulting your alternative practitioner.  You benefit more if you repeat this every few weeks (apart from winter months) than trying one long fast, which really does warrant having someone keep an expert eye on you.