Couldn’t be more simple. It’s a rich, occasional dish to go with a contrasting green salad of sunflower greens and snow pea shoots, or lettuce hearts and sliced cucumber, with a side dish of tomato wedges very lightly sprinkled with Himalayan or Celtic Sea salt.

Soak some organic cashews overnight. Use a handful of dry nuts for each person. Finely dice some peeled cucumber, and mince a whole generous bunch of fresh mint, at least a dozen long sprigs with all their leaves. Really, far more than you’d think. Whizz the cashews (no added water) to a cream in the processor or work with a fork, and tip into a bowl. Fold in the mint and cucumber, so that their flavour is evenly spread. You could spread on crackers, but it’s a bit heavy that way and the rich flavours go best with fresh green flavours like lettuce etc.

Eat it fresh and dehydrate any leftovers the same day, in small spoonsful. They are the lightest thing you ever made with the dehydrator