I want to share with you my vision for a healthy world.

There is a lot of confusion out there, yes, you’ve noticed! Not just about how to choose a sensible raw diet, but about what alternative therapies work, when it is sensible to use them, and who to go to.
As a naturopath by training and experience, I am sometimes saddened and sometimes angry about the frequently misleading advertising of foodstuffs, supplements and therapies, which are tried by trusting, and sometimes sick people.
As you know I am fully committed to offering courses here, including Practitioner Training, and though I can help you with nutritional and health consultations, here at the Centre or by phone, I no longer take on long term care of sick people. But I have found a way to reach a lot more people than can make the trip to Shropshire.

Through the newsletter and its guest expert writers, I will be collecting the latest knowledge on a wide range of nutrition and health issues.

Latest does NOT mean the latest fashion in diet or raw food goodies!

I will be bringing you up-to-date information gathered by experienced and professionally qualified teachers, clinicians, researchers and practitioners. Some are ground breaking pioneers in their fields. Sometimes they will bring you ages old wisdom which needs to be restated, and sometimes I will be giving space to younger, comparative newcomers to the health and nutrition scene. They will all be chosen for their passion and dedication to their readers, clients or patients.

My guest writers are all people who walk their talk. They are dedicated and experienced in what they do. Some have spent a lifetime in research or clinical practice. They have all agreed to write for you, because they want you to have information which can enrich your life and empower you to help yourself to health.

My own vision is of a peaceful world peopled by compassionate adults and beautiful healthy children. Will you help to get the information out there?

Yes? So if this is a message you are happy to spread, will you send it on to a few friends?
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