Basic Living Foods Courses


Informal Living Foods days with Elaine. All course dates are under constant review.

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Basic Courses in the Original Living Foods Programme


Looking after the indoor greens

Looking after the indoor greens

On our Gold Standard Living Foods Course

Living Foods are packed with plant enzymes, which relieve the overloaded digestive system and encourage tissue repair, while maintaining a healthy immune system.  They also help to restore a healthy PH balance.


The Courses include classes, demonstrations and hands on experience.

In the Living Foods Kitchen you will see how we grow and use sprouted seeds and nuts, indoor greens and wheatgrass.

You will see from Elaine’s family sized kitchen, how to set up your own, and how we make and use the classic Living Foods daily, including fermented dishes and rejuvelac, for digestive health.

We will make cookies, crisps, crackers and trail mixes, also a few treats, with a simple dehydrator.  We will make Dr Ann’s renowned  energy soups  for supper, and fresh juices for breakfast. Hands on time in the kitchen, including making wheatgrass shots every day, looking after the rejuvelac supply, joining in where practicable with making morning juices and other meals, to give you a feel for what’s involved.


We offer you an interesting packed schedule to give you every possible angle on improving your health, constantly updated to include appropriate recent developments in nutritional science and health:

How to take care of your digestive system and improve your metabolism.

How to ensure a long healthy life with adequate intake of plant based minerals and vitamins. (but do we need a few extras? B12, vitamin D?) Balancing cleansing and building foods. Care of the colon, including safe self administered high enemas (we teach you the technique and give you the equipment) Using wheatgrass implants for balanced detoxification and whole body nourishment (this regular practice clears the colon of debris and parasites, helps to rebalance the natural flora, and keeps you free of infection) The importance of water, and methods of purifying and re-energising your household supply. Protecting yourself and your home from geopathic stress and electromagnetic fields.


We discuss the processes of long term alkalinizing/detoxifying and healing

What to expect and how to manage your progress at the pace which suits you, including suggestions for transitioning to more live food. During the course we address your personal agenda for achieving long term health, with simple healing strategies as appropriate.  Please note we do not offer medical diagnosis or advice.

During your weekends with us we will feed you superbly nutritious all raw organic plant food juices, salads, energy soups, seed and nut milks and sauces, fermented dishes and really clean water!


Elaine Bruce, long-term practitioner, consultant and principal tutor in the Living Foods Programme, directs and presents the courses from a wide experience.  Trained in Naturopathy, Homoeopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine, she draws on these major disciplines and others for a distillation of up- to-date nutritional research as well as tried and tested practice for your health. Contact us if you have questions. We will be glad to answer them.