July's colour of the month - peach

Soft and light, Peach is a more subtle and sensuous version of its effervescent orange cousin!  Peach possesses a beautiful undemanding energy, giving reassurance and gentle warmth.  It has a mellow, silken quality that radiates charm and serenity.  There is a calm and earthy side to Peach that encourages us to find time for stillness each day, either for reflection or to simply ‘be’.  Peach is gently uplifting and is able to reach into our centre, our core, dwelling place of our unique Wise Being.

Peach encourages that we honour emotions and not give ourselves a hard time about some of them.  Express them and let them go with love in our hearts.  Working with Peach gives us the compassionate and supportive space in which to do this, then we can move on.  Hidden hurts can be softened and cleared.  This colour is very much concerned with our self-care.  Also, with Peach at our side, we can begin to sensitively create and bring forth into being dreams, hopes, aspirations….  The creation is ours to nourish.  Peach enables us to look within and without, and can bring a new vista or perspective.

The Peach palette has a delicious range of colours from the palest pastel through to sumptuous apricot.  Each one has a soft shimmer and spirit all of its own.  Indeed Peach can lift a lack-lustre day or frame of mind.  It has a fresh and unruffled feel about it.  Peach inspires forgiveness, tolerance, sensitivity, empathy and co-operation; speaks of simple, tender love and compassion; brings comfort and ease.  Peach tints and shades are lovely to have around the home.  Being pleasing to the eye, friendly and harmonious, they suit most rooms.

Peach is sweet-tempered and sings in dulcet tones for all to enjoy!rgb