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You may already know that Elaine has completely rewritten the courses.

They will now be programmed over linked weekends. So the training course will initially be two weekends, with a month between, to attend all the practical and theory classes you will need.

From feedback we believe that a series of weekends will be much easier for most people to attend without taking holiday leave, or leaving family behind during the week. In the four week interval between weekends one and two  you will be able to practise the classes from the first weekend: establish some baby greens and sprouted seeds in your own kitchen, choose a juicer or a dehydrator perhaps while you write up your notes.

Note: the groups for the first two weekends may include trainees and non trainees. As a trainee you will have a longer day and attend some classes with Elaine for trainees only.

This format is designed to give you a strong base to continue your transition to Living Foods, while writing up your own class plans to send online to Elaine for her comments. (Stage Three)

This period of online work with Elaine is for preparation of your own class notes for later use with your own groups as a Practitioner. You also have the advantage of having them read and commented upon by your tutor before writing your final version. Please see the course description for the online schedule.

The final stage is the culmination of all your hard work, when you present some of your classes to Elaine and others, for your successful certification as a Living Foods Practitioner.

Next Years Practitioner Training will be three weekends. To receive your personal early notification of the exact dates, please contact us now.

These weekends form part of a whole, are not bookable separately, and the full fee is payable in advance of the start date.