This is a very individual matter, depending on your present way of eating, but we have been asked to “ spell it out “. Most of our prospective guests are committed to the idea of detoxifying, and improving general health with an all-raw diet and wheatgrass juice, but they may not have had a chance to inform themselves fully. Most people experience detox symptoms of some kind, so we suggest you minimise these!

Two general tips


Increase your intake of good quality water

to 2 litres daily ( water used in teas etc does not count! ) If you use tea, coffee or alcohol, or any form of refined sugar, we suggest you cut these out completely well before attending your course. This will help your adjustment to all raw.


Eat at least one completely raw meal a day

Completely raw means no additions (no cheese, crackers or pates) Try chewing thoroughly instead of drowning salads in dressing. (oily dressings prevent efficient digestion). If you have never done this it is worth the experiment.


Some Frequently Asked Questions

I suppose we eat a lot of fruit during the course? No. We use a small percentage (up to 10% ) fruit. More than this unbalances the initial cleansing and makes it harder for you to deal with cravings. The Living Foods Programme uses a high intake of fresh chlorophyll so green leafy plants are the staple, with plentiful coloured vegetables for minerals and trace elements, plus nuts and seeds carefully prepared for easy assimilation.


How will I get enough protein? Will we have lots of nuts?

The green fresh plant foods and juices contain more than enough of the body’s daily needs. Surprised? We have been used to over -consuming protein, both meat eaters and vegetarian/vegans. Plant protein in green leafy plants is much more bio-available than animal protein and costs the digestive system less wear and tear to process. We show you how to use nuts and seeds to make them easier to digest. We use moderate amounts as they are very concentrated.


What is it like to de-tox?

Again this is a very individual experience, depending entirely on your past eating habits and any health problems. Some people may experience headaches or nausea. You may feel restless as toxins depart or unusually tired for a time. These are signs that the system is responding and starting to clear out the backlog of waste products which you don’t need. You can make a start by simplifying your diet before arriving here. Cutting right down on meat, if you use it, and increasing your intake of all-raw salads helps your system to unload toxins, as does avoiding snacks between meals.


Will I feel hungry?

Most people soon adjust as their body recognises balanced superb nutrition as distinct from “filling up” with less nutritious food. The more thoroughly you chew each mouthful, the quicker this adjustment. Wheatgrass juice is the supreme concentrated multimineral and vitamin – packed fresh food it is possible to use. Using wheatgrass juice daily, you find old appetites soon fade, as the body receives plenty of what it needs, and nothing to encourage old habits.