This, her latest, is as usual accessible, clear and easy to follow.

No sheltering behind how good you think your eating habits are, if you have metabolic syndrome, and are well on the way to diabetes, or already have a diagnosis and are  in line for future horrors, this book will make it clear exactly how to interpret what is going on in your body.

With clear descriptions of how to rebalance carbs intake (banish them) why you definitely need good fats (lots of them)  the importance of sorting out that fermenting gut problem (and the foggy brain and irritability which go with it) and so much else.

In her usual crisp and to the point style, based on wide research and the experience of her many patients, she tells it how it is.

Simple explanations, recipes, a health warning about the state of modern medicine.

You don’t need outdated conventional advice about calorie counting and avoiding fat (no wonder doctors think diabetes is irreversible) Not to mention avoidable drugs.

You need this book , a leap of faith, a few weeks of focused effort, and as Dr Myhill says, Just DO It.

Are you still making excuses? Haven’t got time to cook differently, surely just diet cant do it, I’ll feel awful for a bit while adjusting, (I sympathise, but it truly will get you out of the spiral of ever deteriorating health).

As her co author, Craig Robinson, quoting his late father says, “Nothing is impossible”.
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