This is a four in one time saver.

Make a mix for pumpkin seed crackers:

Equal volume of chopped courgette and red peppers and half volume pumpkin seeds

Put seeds in processor or blender first and reduce to coarse powder. Add the peppers and courgettes, and chop until fairly fine, but not to smooth paste at this stage.

Take out enough for your salsa and set this aside.

Tip out the rest and press thoroughly through a strainer.

Put aside the liquid to use as salad dressing.

Take half of the now drier mixture , and form into quenelles or rounds on dehydrator sheets. Dry at 40 degrees.

Return the other half to mixer and mix to a smooth pate.

Serve this at once with a fresh green salad and the sauce.

Add cayenne pepper, or a finely chopped chilli to the salsa mix, and chill in fridge until the crackers are ready, and serve as a starter