(Not part of a ketogenic diet, sorry!)

350 grams ground almonds (soak 12 hours, pop off skins, and dry again before grinding)

500 grams  luscious dates medjool for preference. Chopped small

450 grams dried apricots finely chopped and

50 grams raisins  soaked together overnight in juice of two oranges. Pour off excess juice and keep for the sauce.

Mix almonds and all fruits with spices to taste.

Use cautiously small amounts of ground ginger, cinammon, and nutmeg.

Set aside for flavours to blend.

Blend a ripe banana with the excess orange juice and enough coconut milk to make a thick pouring sauce.

Make a big pudding or a lot of little ones.

The pudding will keep in the fridge for a few days, but may need fresh sauce